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If you'd have said this was a vector drawing, I wouldn't have disbelieved you. The lines are all really smooth and solid, which is a really nice touch. And much like the dragon, you've got the body made up of all these little separate tribal-looking parts, but here they're bigger and more complex; entire pieces making up the legs and tail.

However, there's a few flaws in it which kind of detract from the piece. One being the all-black back right and front left paws, the other being the near-all-white front right paw. The black ones seem somewhat underdetailed and the white one just sticks out. Also, the piece of tribal making up the back bends at quite an odd place, making the wolf seem like he has a hunchback or something. Improvementwise, addressing those things would be a definite pointer. Other than that, as before; maybe thinking about adding more of a background; maybe some tribal in a lighter shade to denote grass/trees, or making the wolf tribal even more complex than it is...or perhaps even simpler :P

-Review Request Club

MonoFlauta responds:

yes i am not adding backgroudns because i am putting just the animal

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Ohmyjeez, this is awesome. Feel like requesting reviews for you art every week for the RRC? 'Cause this is the kind of stuff I really don't mind reviewing, at all xD

The amount of detail here is, again, amazing. The fact that each scale has a slightly different group of colours, it even looks like there's a few blues in there with the scales which really works, surprisingly enough. Even though the whole picture would probably be a huge size if 6x8 is the size of one eye, I'd really love to see what the entire dragon would look like, because I think if anyone on NG could draw it, it'd probably be you.

To find anything at all to be critical about, I'd say the eye could maybe use some more detail. You've got so much depth with the scales, and then parts of the eye seem pretty flat. And you've got the circle of light, and it almost seems too white, of itself and definitely in relation to the rest of the piece. I'd say it's the only vaguely unnatural-feeling thing, whereas you've made the dragon itself look quite natural, which is definitely an awesome feat. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

The scan really failed for the eye itself I am afraid. The original has subtle shading differences, hints of orange too, that just got lost in the scan. I was quite annoyed about that really.

I think I will do a large dragon soon ish - I have some big canvases at home and know where to get bigger ones for a tenner, it would be nice to either fill one to sell or put up on my wall. I have so many sketches on my wall but that are all so old, I would be good for me to have something new up I think.

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In short...this is INSANE. I've seen a fair fer Apophysis creations on NG, but this has got to be by far the best. But I think that with the premise of it being the best thing of its type I've seen, I should now progress to being quite critical because...that's what we're here for :P

Love the details of the trees in the foreground, it's pretty stunning the amount of effort you put in there, and they do look almost completely natural, which again is another pretty amazing feat. However, it's a little odd that there's only the one level of trees. Jungles tend to have a fair few treelines to work with, and just having the foreground and the distance is a little odd, and kind of makes the picture feel a little sparse. You've got trees around the edges, you've got the background in the middle...and not a whole lot in-between.

What you do have are these tiny little creatures, which are again, very nicely detailed and quite Avatar-esque. I think it would have been nice to have had maybe a few more jungle creatures or insects to occupy the center a little more, just to give more to look at and further emulate the relatively vibrant life a jungle has.
Finally, while I get the prompt was 'green', I think that colour overly dominates this. You could have done with some really vibrantly-coloured flowers or plants or animals or something, just to break up the green a little more. But in all seriousness, this piece on its own is pretty damn faultless. I think this is perhaps the second 10 I've ever given an art piece.

-Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

I thought of adding more for the middle, but beyond other insects critters are difficult to do.

I feel quite flattered that people keep comparing this to Avatar. That film was very, very pretty.

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Ahaha, I watched How to Train Your Dragon last night, so this is the perfect kinda art xD

One thing I don't quite get is the placement/size of the wings. Assuming they're for flying purposes, they just seem a little too narrow to be able to carry the dragon's weight. That and they seem to originate from the middle of the back to the bottom of it, instead of going most of the way down the spine. So they're kind of...at least in my head, they're too long and too narrow to work as wings in proportion to the body. Though maybe that's just me.

There's obviously a lot of detail in this, and so a lot of effort that went into it, which is very commendable. I especially like the shading on the wings, it makes them look quite skin-like and realistic. I think one letdown was the holder of the hook? It seemed a little too flat and reflective for something that I'm guessing is meant to be in a sort of medieval setting.

As a picture, I do like it, but I think it's perhaps a little less animated than it could be. The prompt of 'keys' is a bit of an awkward one, but I do think you could have probably taken it further than you did here. However, it is a really cool-looking picture in itself, so it's pretty nice work. Would be interested to see more pictures like this requested in the RRC.

-Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

With my dragons and their wings, I tend to alter the shape according to how I see them flying (recently anyway). Quick, nimble, swooping flyers get longer thinner wings while long distance majestic flyers get broader wings stretching further along the body - larger dragons get those more often. This one is a darting little thing, hence long and thin wings. Not the perfect proportion looking at it now but that was the theory behind it anyway.

I do like this character, might do more of him or others like him in the future.

Thanks for the review. :)

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Ahh, class doodles. I love doing them...but yours are far more detailed :P

It's definitely random, but I like the amount of variety you did put in there. You could have gone a more cohesive route and drawn things related to eachother, but it's nice how you have all these oddities on a page, like the train and the cat and the eyeball...thing xD. And despite the fact it's just doodling, you do have a lot of detail in there as well, which is pretty cool. Some of the things you drew freehand are things I'd be interested to see developed and maybe made into drawings of their own, because you've got a whole group of pretty whimsical ideas, and the fact this is all done on a biro shows the amount of potential you really have, so really nice work yet again.

If you go back to this, I think adding more colour to it would be an improvement. And 'cause of the craziness of it, you really could go all out on the vibrancy with the colours and really make it psychadelic. But for a single-colour classroom doodle, this is really nicely done. Keep it up, as always.

-Review Request Club

MonoFlauta responds:

oks thanks great review :P

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I think for the sake of the people who either haven't played Pokemon or simply don't remember what Sandshrew looks like, an image of Sandshrew itself next to this really wouldn't have hurt, just for the sake of referencing. Because to be honest, if you hadn't mentioned this was based off Sandshrew, I would have probably never guessed.
Though in saying that, you picked a pretty hard Pokemon to try and imitate in a kind of human form. I think even if you'd picked Sandslash instead of Sandshrew you'd have had a much easier task.
I see where you were going with the squared-up jacket, but I think one problem is that it doesn't turn a plain beige near the front, like a Sandshrew's body does. And while the headphones do kind of emulate the ears, you'd have probably found an easier route in giving him those hoodies you get with pointy ears attached to them? But that's just me being a little pedantic, as per the usual.

Drawingwise, this is really nicely done. The shading's all in the right place, you've got some really nice tiny details under the eyes and the jacket itself is probably a highlight in terms of detail. They're a little on the skinny side, but it pretty much works for the style, so that's alright. All in all, it's a nicely drawn picture, and it's obvious you put a fair bit of work into this, which is always cool to see. Though if I'm perfectly honest, if I had to guess what your inspiration was for this not knowing it was Pokemon, I like what seems to be a fair few other people below thought of Gorillaz before they thought of Pokemon, so you might want to think of ways in which to make it lean a little more in the ways you were aiming for.

-Review Request Club

Aigis responds:

My inspiration was Pokemon only as far as this was supposed to be a human version of a Pokemon.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't influenced by Jamie Hewlett's amazing artwork.

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Points of pedanticism, to get them out of the way; this is 90 degrees out of how a taijitsu is normally arranged; generally you have the sides going from left-to-right, not up-and-down as it is here...if that makes sense.
You hand-drew the circle, and it kind of shows. The inner curves look fine, but the outline, especially on the right hand side where there's a kind of bump, sticks out a fair bit.
Finally, I notice the pattern on the yang side is replicated in the smaller circle, but in the smaller, traditionally black circle, you've kind of foregone the yin pattern in favour of black spirals, which was a little odd, yet not overly so.

All that stuff aside...I like it! I kinda found that if you looked at it for long enough it started to feel close to an optical illusion...but maybe that's just me xD. I like the patterns you had for both sides, but I think you could have gone even MORE overboard than you did, here.
This symbol is so widely recognised that you have almost too MUCH creative license on what you can do with it, in regards to colour, size, shape, pattern...as long as you have that basic idea of the two forces, it'll still work. This is good as is...but if you ever felt like coming back to this idea, know you have a lot more room to play around than you think with this ;D And for a hand-drawing, the circles and curves are pretty accurate, so nicely done on that point, I think they're the hardest thing to get right, especially freehand.

As always, keep it up. Always nice to have interesting things to review.

-Review Request Club

MonoFlauta responds:

"Points of pedanticism, to get them out of the way; this is 90 degrees out of how a taijitsu is normally arranged; generally you have the sides going from left-to-right, not up-and-down as it is here...if that makes sense."

Is ne opposite of ying-yang... thats why is like thit.

"You hand-drew the circle, and it kind of shows. The inner curves look fine, but the outline, especially on the right hand side where there's a kind of bump, sticks out a fair bit."

Yes its not easy to draw circles :p

Oks and then you say anotehrs things that otherones said :p

Thanks for reviewing!

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I'm torn between writing a pretentious shpiel about how this is /obviously/ symbolic of a brutally corporatist patriarchal society doomed to superficiality and other misanthropic things in general....and actually giving some constructive criticism. Sad day for you, 'tis the latter :P

Though I'm giving some creative license for this, you probably know that T-Rex arms aren't even nearly that long. Though that being said, the left arm and the right look really different lengths from one another. The one on the right looks like the kind of thing you'd see on a T-Rex with a power suit whipping a skinless chicken...^^
But the one on the left looks a lot more humanoid and stick-like.
While I'm on a roll for nitpickyness...the tail is kinda weird xD Historically, they thought T-Rex's had their tails behind them for balance's sake, and artistically...it looks kind of odd draped between its legs. If it was going around the OUTSIDE of the right leg, I think it would look a lot less awkward, and might also help the leg look less detached from the body.
I really like the detailing on the Boss, but if you cover him up so you're left with the whip and the pink worker, it's somewhat lacking in definition, though I guess it works as a sort of contrast between the two; the tailoring of the suit, the flabbiness of the dude he's whipping...but that's probably too much contemplation :P I do like it, though. Nice to see you can do the comical as well as the macabre in art.

-Review Request Club

Celx-Requin responds:


I can see why people would see symbolism in this, although it wasn't really made as such.

Basically this is a depiction of my crazy "rasta" boss, his name was Tye...
God I hate him.

Most of my art is comedy, I should probably put more of that stuff up lest I look like a scary internet person *cough* regret * cough*

- Celx

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I can't decide whether I like the full-size picture more than I like the default zoom size of the picture or not. Because the full size is HUGE, I had to scroll every which way to see it because my tiny screen couldn't cope with the size, so it was hard to see it as a whole idea in full size...whereas with the smaller size, you could see the wide general concept, and the large areas of black were not nearly as noticeable. In the full size, you could see the different lines of colour more clearly, but in the smaller size they seem to just blend a little better together; as if the full-size picture shows you almost too much of it, with not enough definition and sharpness of image to full justify it.

That ramble aside, I do think it's an interesting idea. What you've done with the source picture has led you into this kind of quasi-dimensional art; the thinner lines do feel more in the foreground than the black spaces, and I think with a little more time you could have exaggerated this even more, if that's the direction you were going for. I'm very very torn between saying "Zoom in more, get more defined detail" and "zoom out more, let us see how this develops further out", because both ideas open the door to a lot of possible ways to extend this. But as it is, I think it's a very solid effort and definitely does what the titles suggests. Gives you a whole buncha artistically crazy lines. But maybe lessen the screen size next time on the full size? Just for the sake of your viewers with tiny monitors =P

-Review Request Club

HeavyTank responds:

I see your point, what you can do it zoom out when you're zoomed in (lol irony).
Thanks a lot for the time you took to write this, I'll take it into consideration :D

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I'm gonna start with the bad, and come out with the good.
The ground being green was unsettling. Given how the background is all flame and how he's got all these awesome spirals of fire around him, it as a floor colour just didn't really go. If you just desaturated it a little and made it greyer, it could have given the illusion of rock or something; just something a little harder and darker, to go with what is a very powerful rest-of-picture.

Where are the feet? His legs kinda look like they end at a sort of stump; I'm guessing you wanted the feet to be forward-facing, but there's just no tangible indication that they're there at all, so maybe having the shoes at more of an angle just so they're more obvious would have been a good idea.

That aside...the crasher itself seems well drawn (feet aside), but it's the flame detailing that really leaps out at you. The way it spirals around his arms make you feel like he's the one in control of it, and the way the entire background is aflame makes you think that he's the cause of whatever destruction he stands in front of (on that point, would have been nice to have a little more background detail; give some indication of what exactly is on fire. But that's just a little thing)

The way it kind of dissapates so there's flames coming out of each finger is also really nicely done, and the little shadings there are add a nice dimension to the piece; the character stands out, he looks dangerous and aggressive, I think you tick every box in the drawing aspect there and there's definitely a lot of potential here. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Icandraw responds:

thanks ^^

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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