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Nice work on the intro, the first 12 seconds really help set a pace and buildup so you have that sense of anticipation right from the offset. So even when it goes into the calmer section at 0:12, that anticipation still remains as you've given the listener a chance to hear what the heavier section sounds like.

The calmer section iself is really nicely done, there's a great depth to it, and yet still that sense of build, so even by 0:40 or so it still feels like it's building back up into the more dance-like section. The drumwork there is also nice; it's quiet enough not to cut through the calm texture, but prominent enough to be heard. At 1:05 I think the drum could have done with being a bit bassier just because the bass itself isn't all that prominent, just to even out the frequencies a little more.

You bring it back into a heavier section nicely, though I think you could have gone even more overboard than you did; maybe that would be an easier thing to achieve with a longer song, but I think in general by the end you could have had a really majorly heavy beat if you'd wanted to and it still would have worked because the beat's been building up throughout, just to give more of a sense of climax.

In general, its a really nicely crafted track. Could use a bit more bass in places and maybe move onto a heavier beat by the end, but in general there's some really nice work done, here. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

Right away, you've got a really nice depth running through the track, which already evokes the kind of ideas the title would give you, of this kind of expansive peaceful atmosphere.
The way the drum beat comes out through the texture is also nicely done, though the way it changes up at 0:17, giving more prominence to the kind of glitchy sound would work, were it not for the fact that the glitch sound cuts through the texture an awful lot. If it had been a little quieter I think it would have worked a lot better.

In the same way, the entrance of the piano (or possibly guitar? 0:35ish) is nice, but again a little too strong for what came before it, it's again the kind of cutting sound that can deal with being a little deeper in the texture and yet still have the prominence that you want from it.

The transition at 0:58 is very nice, I thought, there was a nice cohesion between all of the synths and it worked well as a climax; the transition back into the calmer texture was also very well done, and the last 40 seconds, while generally not going anywhere, didn't feel repetitive as you had all these quiet incidental synths coming in and out which really helped to keep the synths feeling varied, despite the fact the bass synth remained unchanged throughout, which is a feat in itself. Nice work, overall.

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Box-Killa responds:

yeah I think I could do an aweful lot more with this song. Should have introduced a piano or something to have more of a melody too. :P

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The beginning's pretty quirky, I like the little pitch bends in some of the synths; it's missing the kind of thickness of texture you get with a nice bassline, though that comes in at 0:15 nicely.
The drum beat (or what's there of it) is pretty unique, though I think it could do with being pulled more into the forefront, or just having some more reverb to it to give it more of a deeper feel to it.
I really liked the 0:30 transition where you had the distant sounds, but I think the lead synths were too unchanged at that point, so you kind of lost the effect a little.
The main melody is pretty simplistic, but when it comes into its own at 1:00, I really start liking the piece, because everything starts coming together in a much more coherent way and there's some nice melodies working there as well. The transition at 1:30 was also nicely done, and you got it to loop back pretty well.
In general, I think a little more bass and a little more of a drum beat would go amiss, and maybe that the first half of the track could do with a little more cohesion just to tie everything in together, but in general it's a pretty solid track.

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Really didn't understand the first 6 seconds; you had a really nice heavy riff going on after that, but before it it just seemed quite messy and just an excuse to use a phone sound, I really think that start needs a second look.
That besides, I liked the first heavy section, there was some nice guitar and drum work there...I think in parts the drum fills could have been a little more animated, but that's not that big a deal, especially for a ringtone (Consider making this into a fuller song at some point, this'd be an interesting track to hear without the ringtone restrictions, so to speak).

The second section at 0:30 was a nice transition that worked well, though the drums were definitely too quiet and the phone sound felt really out of place. Nice solo work, though.
The transition back into the heavier section worked a little less well when it just went down to the light drum beat, but that was only for a second or so. The addition of the strings (I think?) in the final section was nice, if a little unexpected. The phone sound coming in again was perhaps a little unnecessary; I think the phone sounds in general were more of a distraction that anything, though that could just be me.

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SantaBro responds:

Hm, well I thought I'd begin it like that, kind of as a warning to the phone's owner that if you don't take it now, prepare to be shot in the face with a riff. Kinda. :) It's a ringtone after all so I think the cliche ringing tone fits.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll take all of into account if I eventually do a full-blown version of it. Cheers!

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Very nicely done, very quickly downloaded. I think is the first NG track in a long time that I could listen to for a good long while.
There's some really cool melodies in here and it's the kind of thing that could easily fit as a sort of atmophere-creating music in the background of some scenery or even a flash game; it's got that simple listenablility to it, so even though it's generally exploring the same area throughout, it doesn't get boring to listen to.

That being said, I think some of the notes got a little lost in the playing, especially the lower notes of the slightly faster sections, such as 0:21-23ish. The little break at 0:26 was nice, though I think a touch overdone. Though that's just pedanticism more than anything. I'd say if you were ever going to make this longer you could try and try a different melody on top of the one you already have, or maybe even go into another key to add even more of a colour to it. But as it is, it's a really nice piece to listen along to, and just generally very well done. Would love to see what'd happen if this was a little longer.

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Darkmaster603 responds:

First, id like to thank you for reviewing this piece. I do need to redo this piece, I'm trying to get a cd out and I'm working on extending all my songs and writing more complicated ones, see my romance suite for an example. I agree it needs more to it, I actually didn't think it would do so well because of the simplicity of it. Ill take your criticism in consideration for the moonlight suite that's coming soon.

Thanks for the review and kind words

Review Request Club.

I thought the start was a little abrupt to start with, but then when I heard how it looped in with the end it made more sense.
The synths you used work well, though I think that for the middle 20 seconds not enough changes; the only thing that is perceptively different is the voice that comes in, but between :10 and :25 the synths don't seem to change at all. That being said, I liked the sort of climax in the last 10 seconds, it definitely worked well and I could see how it could lead into a bigger section.
For an introduction, this is a good start and I think even the fact that not an awful lot happens in this section would become less of an issue as it grew into a longer track. One thing I would say is that the drums in general could eaither do with being a little louder, or a little bassier. Or perhaps both, just to thicken out the texture a little more.

It's a good start, not much to criticise here. Just make sure you keep the variety up in the next section and maybe continue the melody that starts at 0:30 and develop it a little more.

-Review Request Club.

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The lyrics are...well. I think you probably could have found more witty things to say to describe 'Greg', but I guess that's besides the point. It's childish as hell, but I'm guessing you know that.
There's some kind of noise in the first few seconds that doesn't seem to belong anywhere before the song, it kind of sounds like you thought about looping the song, then decided against it, last-minute.
The singing's sometimes off-time with the guitars, probably due to the fact you tried to cram a lot of words into a short space of time, and in general I think the voice had a little too much reverb on it, to the point where I can't tell whether the guitars had enough or not because the vocal reverb kinda dominated.
What the guitars are playing are alright, though I think you could have done something more with the lead than just copy the vocal melody.
In all, lyrics aside, it's an okay song. Just work on the vocal timing a little more, and make sure everything's in tune with eachother next time.

-Review Request Club

Screch responds:

Thanks :D

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Ahaha, I've been listening to this on loop a fair few times now. Damn, you gots yourself a catchy track, actually ended up downloading this one.

Anyway, the actual track: I thought the beginning was a little abrupt for all of half a second until all the synths came back in again. It might just be my computer, but the loop didn't seem to be as smooth as it could be? Like, I thought that that beginning chord might've been placed there 'cause it would link well with the end, thus making a loop, but the end seemed to stay faded out a little too long to loop properly. But again, maybe it's my computer.

The main melody's nice and strong; I was kind of in two minds about the synth, at points I thought the sound of it could have been a little smoother than it was, especially on the higher note at 0:08...this remedies itself when you add in more synths at 0:15ish and have some really awesome harmonies going on by 0:24. Definitely thought the harmony was a real strong point of this.
I think in general, I preferred the second half of this to the first, just because the bass line got more complex, there was a lot more depth given by the synths...as if the first half was the first verse leading into the main chorus.
But overall, I can't really fault this. Nice lead synth, cool bassline, some really nice drum beats and fills...and it's catchy as hell. What more do you want?

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You got the main melody right...but the harmony is really way off, especially at the start. If it was accidental, then the bass notes in the original are G, G, Eb, D, throughout. If it was deliberate, it really clashes and doesn't really stop clashing for a long time. It's a relatively simple song that you can do a lot with, and I think changing the chords really didn't work in this instance. The bassline that came in at around :30 was alright, but didn't correlate really well with the main melody until it the sound changed at :50...and even then, it still sounds kind of off.

I think the only thing I did like about this piece were the drums, because they sounded good and had a nice beat to them. Apart from that...I think you tried to do too much to this track and it all went kinda wrong. Lux Aeterna is a ridiculously iconic song, and it's the kinda of thing that with a remix, you might as well keep the melody, the harmony, the bass...even the structure of it, and just change up the instruments a little. It's the perfect example of the kinda song that has almost nothing to it; has a short and simple melody and short and simple bassline...but still doesn't feel repetitive, as it builds throughout.

By changing the harmonies to a more dissonant tone and by moving the 'chorus' tune nearer to the start, by making almost everything the same volume you lose that sense of build the original has, and so it gets very repetitive quite quickly. It wasn't broke to start with, don't feel a need to completely re-invent it. Apologies if this seems to harsh, but I think this really did miss the mark in a lot of ways. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't believe in what you write enough to put the time in to make it decent.

-Review Request Club

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Aha, this definitely is a WIP xD I'd've been worried if you'd make a 0:17 second track and said it was a whole song =P

Anyway. When I first played it I heard some kind of click right at the start? It sounded like the reverb off the snare drum or something...maybe it's just my headphones, but if it is there, it's a little odd? Especially as it leads into a few seconds of silence.

The lead synth has a really cool sound to it, you've definitely got the 'wobbles' down. A pointer definitely would be how to develop the melody from there on in; whether you're going to keep the melody the same and add more synths in to thicken the texture, or go into a new theme. This works well as an introduction, but I do think that for the next bit something needs to change up just to give that sense of build.

Although this is a WIP, etc., I'd say that for a drum and bass song this is lacking a fair bit of both? I mean, the lead synth has a pretty bassy sound, but wouldn't be harmed by a really nice and low bass line to thicken it out a bit. In the same way, the snare sounds nice and has a cool echo to it...but it's pretty high in the trebles and is the only drum to feature in this part. Either making the snare more bassy, or adding a tom/kick drum into the mix I think would help here.

But for 17 seconds, it's gotta lot of promise, so keep it up.

-Review Request Club

SessileNomad responds:

no yeah, there is a little click, its just the way the track rendered, if this weree a full song, i would care

i actuallly think im going to bring in new ambient tthemes when i come back to this one

thanks for the review man

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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