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Nice introduction with the voices! I like how there were different parts of the vocals seemingly within each side of the stereo; or at least the 'oh, yeah' seemed to come from the left in these crappy headphones. The synths as well had a nice sense of buildup at the start, and the kind that's subtle enough that you don't actively hear it, but prominent enough that you get to 40 second of having heard the same thing and realise you haven't found it repetitive, so nicely done there.

The vocal slicing in general by 1:00 onwards is really cool, and adds a bit more of a rhythmic aspect in as well, with the start of the sample becoming a kind of stuttered 'are' sound. The pitchbends at 1:52 were a really nice touch, and by 2:02 you've messed with the original melody to make it sound pretty new-sounding, even though it's gone through pretty much the entire track. The same with the vocals, you've done a lot of effects to it as well as none at all, which makes it sound far more varied than it should, given what small source materials you have.

In general, you had a nice variety with the vocals and the synths. One place to work on would be the drums, as they were quiet quiet and didn't really play half the role they could have done in the track. All in all though, it's quite a solid piece of music.

-Review Request Club

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks for the review :) It was really hard for me to make the drums work, since it was so limited. i should have spent more time on them. I spent most of my time on the synths. xD

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Good intro, you start off with a pretty fast pace and introduce a fair few synths early, which is always a good sign; you could have maybe had a slower buildup, but its fine as it is. You've got a really nice bass sound, which is always good; nothing more annoying than a good track wrecked by a lack of low frequencies.

The drum's pretty muted, but still serves its purpose pretty well, and you can hear it well enough to work out the beat from it. The light automation on the synth at 0:53 was cool, cooler still was the drop at 0:59; a little unexpected, but cool all the same. However, I think the section it goes into was perhaps a little unrelated to what came before it. Not that the section in itself was at all bad, quite the contrary; it had a nice atmosphere to it, I just think it drew a few too many contrasts with what came before.

The cohesion there I think could have been a little tighter than it was. And again, the cutout back into the old section at 1:31 was a little abrupt; the pace changes a little too frequently, although the way you keep variety up is in principle nicely done; you've got a lot of different melodies and beats to work with, though at points it did feel like you just cookie-cuttered them side by side to try and keep the variety up without thinking about how they would flow together. You've got the foundations of a good song and the fact you've got the variety in is always good; better to have too much variety than too little, as the former is far more fixable. Just try and make the transitions a little smoother and the sections a little more cohesive with eachother and you'll be fine.

-Review Request Club

Somnocyde responds:

Damn! that was Definitely the most helpful Review I've ever gotten. I'll admit, the EQ was way off, but I've corrected that in my more recent projects. Also, I'll definitely keep transitions in mind from now on. Thanks so much! <>,..,<>RAWR

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Nice opening; you have the softness of the pads, but the more agressive synth and drum coming out straight through that texture, so while it's got a pretty warm start, just seconds in you've already got the anticipation of the heaviness of the lead synth and drums. The synth that comes in at 0:33 is nice and colours the lead synth well. Favourite thing about this track sound-wise, though, would be the glitches on the drums. Good glitched drums=love, and they work really well here as they kind of develop a little throughout the track.

The break (fitting, given the title) near the start was also well done; abrupt, but worked well for it. There were a few cymbals in it that could have done with being a bit louder, but that's neither here nor there. You still had the glitched kick of the drums which was good in keeping the pace. At points it felt like it was toeing the line of machine-gun effect, which was worrying, but less so when you realise it never actually crossed it. It did sound very cool at parts, though; almost like the revving of some massive infernal engine or something.

In all, you've got a nice set of melodies and synths here, definitely keeps it feeling fressh throughout, which is ALWAYS a MAJOR plus when it comes to NG techno tracks xD
Good set of transitions and changing drum beat throughout...what's not to like? The only improvement would be to maybe travel even further away from the original idea, giving it even more variety than it has already, and letting your mind go free even more so than you did here.

-Review Request Club

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks for the 10 man! All the comments and criticisms. I'll work the little things you suggested. Oh and Glitchcore is my style of music, I live for that stuff seeing as 99% of what I listen to is Venetian Snares xD. Your advice will go into my re-work, no doubt. Thanks Animth :D :D

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Nice bassy drum beat to start; the snare could have done with being a little stronger, but that's neither here nor there. It sets up a simple, but effective beat throughout and is pretty faitful to the general beats you hear in classic rock songs.

The opening guitar riff is nicely done, if a little quiet, especially when the second guitar comes in. That guitar I think is a little too distorted to be able to hear the notes it's playing; it's only at the break where I start hearing that riff. That being said, the breaks were really cool; you just had the one guitar before the drums and other guitars came back in, and it acted as a kind of 'quiet section'...or as quiet as you'd ever expect to get.

I think the variety in general could have done with even more than the sporadic breaks, though; you've got the main riff, and you start straying away from that in these little breaks, but that doesn't achieve a major change until 1:27 where the riff appears to change for a few seconds before going into the old theme again. I think definitely you could have developed the secondary riffs a little more, given it more of a verse/chorus structure, but then again for the length of the song you didn't give yourself that much wiggle room for variety; if you ever did extend it, though, definitely think about putting a few more ideas in there just to keep the sound fresh.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

I like the little breaks of silence you have in a few places; it's an interesting form of transitions, but it works really well. If anything, you could probably get away with having a few more.

The drums are also quite unique; you've got the basic sounds there, but they're all slightly manipulated to give them that rough feeling around the edges; the cymbals are a little glitched up, the toms almost seem pitched...and that lasts up to the second silence transition at 0:57, where they kind of 'straighten out' again, for want of a better phrase. And oddly enough, that slight change in drum sound is enough to keep both sections sounding different, even though the melody of both sides is quite similar.

The main melody stays essentially the same throughout, but you've got a lot of automation on it to give it that variety, as well as slightly changing up the beat below it which keeps it sounding fresh. it'd be interesting to see what this would sound like with the intended vocals on it (Just bug Coop lots :P), whether this would act purely as an accompaniment or whether the synth melody would play more of a part in it. Even without the vocals, this pretty much stands up by itself, which is a very good sign, and obviously shows all Coop needs to do is...record something xD And this as a completed track would be fine. Really nicely done, over all.

-Review Request Club

Mans0n responds:

Thanks for the feedback :) your reviews are always awesome.

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I may be about to repeat what those below me have said; good melody, but too much of it.

You've got an interesting melody with the piano and then the strings by 0:18, but I think it gets repetitive quite quickly, simply because there's nothing else to focus on, and given that it's only a handful of seconds long it loops very quickly, and so becomes repetitive that much faster. There are a lot of ways to counter that, though. One would be to make the melody longer, just to make the loops fewer and farther between; like I said, the melody is interesting, and could easily be developed.

An easier method would probably be using a second melody. That way, you could flick between this melody and another, creating a kind of verse/chorus idea and making two points of focus for a listener, and something else you can move on to. You do well with the changes of instruments, but that's not enough on its own to carry the short melody through the whole song. If you'd added in a few more instruments to carry the melody it might have worked, but because this is so sparse it feels repetitive quite easily. You've got some good beginnings, it just needs a bit more thought into how to keep the melody fresh and how to add more variety in as the track goes on.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

Highly progressive for a house track, nicely done.
Cool introduction; quite muted and downplayed, but the buildup is enough that I found myself at 0:40 without thinking it was repetitive. Which is a feat in itself, given that it sounds like just one synth playing throughout. It also feels like as it gets louder, more facets of the synth are coming out, as if you're automating it the entire way through, or adding little undertones of other synths, not to take prominence over the main synth but simply to colour it a little more and keep it varied.
The drum has a really nice bass to it, and probably comes in right at the necessary time to. It's got a relatively simple beat, but works well and makes the break at 1:59 back to the synth sound unique, even though the same synth has been playing throughout. By 2:17 though, it feels like a different synth. THe emphasis is in a different place, or at least sounds like it, which is really cool. You've got a nice bassy sound as well as little flecks of the higher frequencies so this one mass of ambient synth sound works really well on its own, a it's supported by a lot of other undertones which work really well.

As it is, I think it's a pretty cool track. If you had time I'd say think about extending this even further; see how far you can progress this one idea, or maybe even change it into a new idea for another section. You've got a good buildup here, can you go even further?

-Review Request Club

ReziUze responds:

Thanks for the review! There's no automation with the synth except for cutoff, volume and sidechaining (if you count that), I guess it just felt like there was more to it, but it was just one synth :).

The only reason I didn't continue it further was because I didn't want it to be too repetitive, also I ran out of ideas like I always do :D

Review Request Club

Nice soft opening; the synth has got enough dynamic variety in itself to be able to stay on its own for as long as it does, because you've got those little subtle changes in volume and pitch. Undertones in general I think reign supreme in this, because everything is done in a very subtle way so that no transition overpowers what came before it, creating a very relaxed atmosphere. The second sound to come in is really subtle, but does really well to keep variety up as the four notes it has causes the one-note lead synth to sound like it's in different positions of a chord.

The more pad-like synth just reinforces that in a really nice, warm way, keeping up the atmosphere nicely. Deifinitely have an ocean-like serenity throughout the track, just because nothing cuts through anything else and everything just soothes without being boring. The build on this is very downplayed, but still prominent enough to make you forget that the same synth has been playing the exact same note for 90 seconds. The 'break' at 1:38 to the first and last synth to come in was nice, but yet didn't take away from the texture enough to seem abrupt, which is cool. At 2:03 I think you could have used another synth in there, even if it was just the same pad synth an octave lower, just to carry it through a little more.

Generally, you tick every box of the ambient genre. If you did want to improve, you could have maybe had a little more variety (as you did have one synth playing throughout; if you'd taken that out and left the pads you'd have had an even quieter atmosphere than you did here). Or even extending it further so you have more room to experiment with sounds. You've tackled a 2 minute ambient track. Now do a 4 minute one. :P But seriously, nice work. Your track made me forget my room is 4000 degrees right now, and that deserves major kudos!

-Review Request Club

EvilScorpio responds:

Thank you very much for so detailed review))) And sorry for late answer, I wer in a hospital for two months... =( I'm glad you like it, and I'll try to make my next ambient track even more better. =) Thanks again! ^__^

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The opening is cool, if a little abrupt; it sounds like you write it so it would be smoother to loop, but at the same time it doesn't loop like that...and in general, it might come out a little strong as it's near-silent by 0:08. That being said, 0:08 heads up a cool transition into the first main section, so there's a nice small sense of buildup, there.

THe drum beat's pretty solid, though could have done with being a little stronger. You've got a pretty catchy melody, but what makes it more so is the synth you bring in at 0:24 to reinforce it, and then how that synth and the lead synth kind of bounced the lead melody between eachother for the next thirty seconds or so. Which is definitely a good thing, as holding a melody on the same synth for that length of time would have dragged majorly, so flicking between the two worked well.

There's a lot of transitions to different synths, which is cool, but sometimes a little too abrupt, I think at 1:20ish, it starts feeling a little messy as well as abrupt, just because you have a fair bit going on and a lot coming in and out. There are a few things that you can't quite here but are still there, which just lead them to sound muddy. The synth that comes in at 1:56 and a few other places could have been turned up a little more, cause it's hard to tell what is, and could be good as a point of focus. Definitely need something more in that section generally. I see you're looking for a vocalist; I'd go scour the NG forums if I were you, just because at least that part of the track does feel like you wrote it for something else to be the main focus of the track, so as it is parts of this just sound like backing.

At 2:46 you hear the synth from 1:56 a lot better, I'd say if you always had it at that volume it wouldn't be a bad thing.
By 3:00 it feels kinda repetitive, you could have done with a change in beat or maybe a break to a different section in general. You start doing that at 3:20 melodically, but by that point the track does feel like it's dragging a little too much. Take a second look at the transitions and more ways to keep the variety up without overloading. Generally though, there's some nice production values on this track, especially given that it was a bit of a rushjob.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

Epic 8-bit awesomeness, huh? This better be good, or you've set yourself for a right old fall :P

Beginning's nice, but then again, you can't really go wrong with the start of an 8bit unless you really try hard to; it's maintaining the interest and variety through an 8-bit that's the real challenge, because what you have to work with is quite few and far between. However, the opening works well.

Nice drums, they've got a simple but functional beat to them. Maybe could have done with being a touch louder, but that's not much of a problem. You had me worried that the high synth would be the melody until the real one came in at 0:16; pretty warm sound, the staccato at 0:22 works really well to keep it little more varied and so making it a little more interesting to loop, as you do. The synth at 0:32 comes in perhaps a little too quietly, it took me a second or two to register it was actually there. I like the idea of the harmony, though I think the harmony at 0:39-0:42 felt a little odd, harmonywise. however, that synth does keep up the variety enough for the track not to drag, so all's pretty much well there.

The highlight for me would probably be the break at 1:10. Was quite unexpected and perhaps a little too short, but it was really nicely done and added a nice extra tone right at the end. If anything, it could have come in earlier and been a more developed contrasting section, but here it functions as a pleasant surprise, which is also good.

What can I say, you lived up to your track's title. Given what you had to work with, you created something pretty cool, here.

-Review Request Club

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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