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The opening pads are a little weird, and drown out the /very quiet/ bell sound. it's weird that they cut out like they do at 0:15, but not overly so. I like how the second synth comes out of the texture, and definitely has a really nice depth to it, and the automations it has are pretty nice. However, I did find myself turning the volume down because you built it up more by volume than anything else.

...really couldn't get on board with the spoken vocals. They sometimes work well, but I think here they're more of a distraction from the rest of the track, which sounds incredibly cool. To the point where I'm almost relieved at 2:11 when they come out again.

The glitches are a nice touch, though I think overdone at 2:10-2:30ish. Glitch the melody, fine, but I think glitching everything is a little much. But the section after it is really nice and has a lot of depth to it...perhaps lacking a nice prominent bass line, but atmospheric nonetheless.

The cut-out at 4:00 was nice, but I think it would have been better if it transitioned into something slightly newer, as some of the melodies were now several minutes old. You've definitely got a lot of good elements in this song, but I think each section is slightly longer than it should be, and so by the 5th minute is has a definite drag to it, especially because it doesn't seem to move much between there and the end.

I think definitely this could use a condensing. You've got a LOT of good ideas in here, but I think they're wasted on a song this long. Cut down the sizing and mix the elements together a little more, make the sections shorter...and I think you'd have a pretty epic track. Definitely take a second thought about the spoken vocals, because I think they do more harm than good. Overall, this is a stellar effort, but I think would be better suited to a shorter track.

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DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review! Yea, I feel the same way you do about the vocals and the pad getting quiet at :15. The bells, are actually part of the pad vsti, so the only way I can bring them out is by EQing, but if they come out too much, it will kind of mess up the overall mood.
I'm going to make a more curtailed version of this song, and will release it before the end of May. It will be between 3-4 minutes long, and won't have vocals or any glitching at all. Just a track for mood.

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The piano at the start sounds quite artificial, could definitely use some more reverb to it. It's got an alright melody, but some of the notes do seem a little off
0:14-Whatever that sound effect is, it really doesn't work at all for me, especially when it's being used behind a piano and with the frequency it's being used in. If you're going to use it, I think it needs some manipulation, even just turning it down the octave would have helped a lot. Definitely at 0:26-0:28 it was really excessive.

The transition at 0:28 is nice, but the synths here need a lot of work, they just don't really work well together, the drum's not really doing anything but cutting through everything with the bass, the 0:14 sound effect is still cutting through everything,
The melody synth, while having a nice sound, is still playing the same thing it was at the beginning and could definitely use a different melody and more harmony. The piano sounds like it might be playing something different in parts, but I really can't tell past the harsher synths.
I like the concept you have at 1:27 with the different parts coming in and out, but the synths you use totally wreck the idea. I'll stop labouring the point, but...yeah, in general I think the synths wreck this track for you.

The transitions in general are alright, but anti-climactic. At 'another level', it didn't really go anywhere at all, and you had the scope to change it up a lot. I think there's a few good things in here, but the synths need revamped. There's a few good points, like the start and end, and some of the ideas you had...but they were a little lost in the exection. Has promise, but needs a lot of work.

-Review Request Club

alix1 responds:

i know i have a lot of work to do on all my tracks. Someday soon I plan on fixing every one of them that I still have the project files for.

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This has a really nice, upbeat start to it from the get-go. The transition into the thicker tectures was nice, but I think the part at 0:28...with what sounds like a wind instrument...could have used something else. Even just that new instrument turned up a bit, because it had a nice sound to it, but more than that, the fact if's sandwiched by two pretty thick textures and is pretty sparse itself.

No real complaint for the next minute or so, the song's pretty much just riding by itself, there's a nice set of textures and depth to it, the drums got a nice beat to it, there's a nice harmonic change at around 1:10 which is really nicely done...one thin it's maybe lacking is a more prominent bass line, but that's not that big an issue.

By 1:38 I think the main melody was perhaps getting a little repetitive, but then again it's a pretty short track. I think if you have time to come back to this and make it longer, you could definitely throw a little more variety there in terms of transitions and synths. As it is though, it's a nice bright and happy track...with a melody that's now completely stuck in my head. Nicely done, overall

-Review Request Club

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm sorry it's stuck in your head :(
I just got my new speakers so I could mix this a bit more.

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This is a pretty iconic tune, so you better damn do this right xD

Obviously can't give you much kudos for a melody that isn't yours, but I like what you've done with it; you didn't show the whole tune all in one; you cut it up and gave the song a more cohesive structure. I thought the transition at 0:28 was perhaps a little abrupt, but works well for it. I'm glad my headphones weren't turned up all the way, though xD

The transition at 1:24 was really nicely done, but I think by 1:35 the main melody has sunk a little too deep into the texture, and at 1:46 goes pretty quiet before going all the way up again by 1:52. Where I had turned the volume up too high and burned my ears a little, but I guess that's my fault.

The synths you've got work really well, but a lot of them lack bass, or need the bass turned up a lot more than they are here. There's a really present bass when the melody sinks into it at 1:35, but apart from that this seems to mainly be in the higher frequencies.

The drums were good, if a little repetitive at points. Maybe adding a few more fills, and maybe even some glitches as well would have helped keep the variety up in that aspect. And although you did try and change the tetris melody up a little, and had all these nice synths supporting it and keeping it sounding interesting, I think this track is a touch too long to just have this one tune to it, especially when Tetris has several to use. That being said, the variation of the melody was really nicely done and part of me wished it'd come earlier so we could have seen more of a variation to it later.

In general, this is probably one of the best remixes I've heard of this tune. Could definitely use a second look at the levels, but this is definitely a pretty original take on this. Keep up the very good work.

-Review Request Club

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Aha, it's funny, as soon as the song started I kinda thought of winter. It sort of reminded me of the music the game Pikmin had at the start of it, in the winter atmosphere of the planet.

The sounds are pretty cool, but the one at 0:25 I really didn't like all that much; the one that takes over its melody at 0:42 feels like it fits a lot more. You had a nice set of instruments (though some of them sounded a little too preset), and some felt like they had a few automations to them and/or you were changing them pretty frequently, which worked well. The melodies were fine, if a little overused across the three minutes, I definitely think you could have used a few more melodies or countermelodies in this,

The transitions generally work well, though I think the buildup at 1:52-2:13 needs something else in it, because it feels very empty with just the drum and the distant bell sound; maybe a pad sound or sweep or something. just to thicken it out a bit more.

In general, it's an okay track. Needs a bit more work on the sounds and levels to improve it, but it definitely shows promise, so keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Herdunculus responds:

Yes, I was kind of hesitant with that build up at 1:52. And your right, i think I should work on more variety in my songs like in melodies. Appreciate the review man. Thanks.

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Nice set of meodies; a little erratic at points, but they have a nice character to them. The lead synth especially was probably a highlight of the piece. One of your problems was perhaps that you didn't have enough synths to carry through the whole track; one pretty easy way to keep variety up is to change up the synths, or just have a few more ambient synths or pads to give an extra dimension to the track. But to have a melody that isn't repetitive on your first go is VERY important, because I think getting structure right is a lot easier to get than getting a melody right, so major kudos for that. Could have done with a few more melodies by the end of the track, but the initial melody did work well.

On structure...the transitions are a little unorthodox. Don't underestimate the power of a simple structure, because it's the foundations of the track that'll predict how well the track will go. Simple structure doesn't mean simple songs, you can have some really awesome melodies and transitions with the most generic structure, but you need that structure worked out to give the track more of a cohesion to it.

It could have done with being a little shorter, as the variety was somewhat lacking. A way to counter this is either by adding in a few countermelodies, or playing with the different transitions a little more; have an ambient section, have a buildup and climax, make the track go somewhere before it loops out again. It needs work, but there's a lot of promise here. Keep it up and you'll improve fast.

-Review Request Club

yours31f responds:

I appreciate it. I have started introducing more structure in my newer songs.

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Gotta love indie songs on NG. They're something of a rarity to see in the RRC, so it's nice that when they do come along, they're done well.

You've got a really unique-sounding voice, and what you're singing, while having a pretty simple melody, is memorable, which is what you want in a song. The lyrics you have are a good start, but you do need a bit more variety by the second and third verse. Even in the outro as well, either having a lyric or slight melodic change would have been nice as you're essentially singing the same thing over a few times by then.

I like the idea of the bridge but it's a bit hard to imagine what you'd do with just the drum part, so it'd be nice to see what that sounds like once this is finished. The drums in general were cool; came in a little abruptly and at points started overpowering the voice and guitar, and maybe could have done with a few more fills by the end, but in general had a really solid beat to them and held the track together well.

The piano as well was an unexpected choice, but a good one at that. You could get away with adding a few more instruments if you wanted, but the semi-acoustic-sounding nature of this is quite nice as it is. For a WIP, this is pretty close to completion. Just changing up the lyrics a little and finishing the bridge I think would leave you with a pretty nicely completed track.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

I like the intro, you give a nice amount of depth right at the start, though I wish that sound had a little more to it, jsut to give an even thicker texture, as, at least for the first 40 seconds or so, it's carrying the main brunt of the melodic idea and its a little too distant to be doing that.

I like the drum beat and bass you have, though some parts of the drum could have done with being a little louder in places, and maybe even some lighter percussion on top of the drum beat to thicken it out more.

The choir sound was introduced really nicely,but again by the second minute I think they could have done with being a little louder, so they served as both the ambience and the main melody a little more. I think the break section with just the bass and drum around the 2:20 mark was DEFINITELY lacking something in the higher frequencies, even just a quiet pad sound to thicken the texture out a bit more, because you had this lush texture either side of it and then suddenly just the drum and bass.

You had some really nice melodies and sounds, but I think there wasn't enough of them-or enough manipulation of them-to justify the four minutes. I think you could probably do with, as it is, condensing it down by a minute or so to just avoid the repetitiveness you could get. Or just add in a few more melodic synths here and there to keep up the variety. It works really well as a track, but I think it's missing a fwe synths or a few transitions for it to be this long.

-Review Request Club

EoD696 responds:

Thanks for the review, and the score :) I think the drums continuity could be improved alot if I had better mastering tools. Not to worry, I have another computer I'll be finishing this up on (all the same softwares, just much improved hardware) and it should help with that.

The transition at 2:20 was meant to be pretty harsh, maybe I made it a bit too harsh. It's because during that breakdown I switch to the other part with a different set of progressions. I couldn't really figure a way to get the two to go together. Thats why I think structure will help, with more parts and more progressions, I'll have stuff to add in before, add to, and add in after that harsh breakdown to make it a bit smoother. Hopefully with my new hardware I can add in enough stuff and rearrange things to fulfill the full potential of the song, and I'm really glad you like it so far :) Thanks again.

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This is definitely missing any kind of melody. I mean, even having some slightly more pitched percussion, if you want to keep it percussive, would have helped. Or as you're trying to emulate being trapped in the Internet, perhaps a few more automated synths, or glitch sounds, or just things more reminiscent of the electronic nature that is the Internet, and maybe sounds that signify the different popups and things he's trying to fight.

This has got a pretty solid (albeit generic) structure, but I think that's where you hit a problem because most of the instruments, once they're playing, are playing for the whole thing, so it starts to feel repetitive very early on, I think you could have done with messing with the transitions a little more to give it more variety; that bass beat went on throughout, seemingly unchanged, and got old very fast.

I think the fact that this just does have no melodic part to it at all is a major detriment to the track. Even just a simple bass line would have helped, and that would have given you a bit more scope to maybe do an even heavier/faster drum beat once you have something melodic to rest it over. It's good work on the track, but it could use some improvement to make it more listenable to.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

I was in two minds about the opening synth, but it might just be beacuse I'm not a House kinda person xD I thought the melody it was playing was pretty memorable, which is what you want, but thought the last three or four notes of it sounded a little weird.

The transition at 0:14 did sound quite awkward, you definitely could have done with something underneath the hi-hat just to carry that through a little more. But what it changed into sounded pretty cool, you had a pretty nice depth to it and the drum was playing a nice beat. But the SECOND the pitch-bend synth came in I really didn't like it xD It was just far too in the foreground and was cutting through everything.

Loved the transition at 0:44; the fact you keep changing it up and adding new synths is really good, you keep the beat but it doesn't get repetitive, which is definitely a good bullet to dodge. But....gah, I really have no love lost for the pitchbent synth. The sound of it is just very hard to get around if you want something else to listen to, which is annoying because it worked with the synth beneath it really nicely.

The transition at 1:46 was a little abrupt, but again went into something pretty cool. I definitely loved the glitches you put on the pitchbent synth, it made it a lot easier to listen to, and a lot easier to hear what was beneath it. That section was probably my favourite in the track, just because everything kinda fell together. It was a little messy at times when all the melodies played at the same time, but not overly so.

In general, this is a pretty cool track, but it does need work done to it. The pitchbent synth...I don't need to mention again xD. It lacks a cohesive climax to it, everything is kind of at the same level after the introduction and you could have done with a quieter section in the middle leading up into something huge to finish with. You've got some really good melodies and ideas, and they and the sound quality redeem the synth choices and drum beat.

-Review Request Club

BudGPStudios responds:

Thanks for the review. My real goal behind this song was to take my friend Kweaks's song and remix it house style. I'm not the best at house music, and my friend had a long song with many different melodies i had to try and fit into a 4 min song. Well i'll take your suggestions and try to work on this song some more, I do kinda feel that it wasn't the best i could have it either... I just didn't know what else it needed.

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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