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...Yeah, I would have never guessed you played this live. Over-quantising something you played live is always a pretty good way of making it sound that way...I think that unless you really have played it THAT out of time, that you shouldn't quantise live things any more than is needed, because having everything dead-straight on time is a good way to make it sound synthesized. Perhaps more than that is the fact that every note is being played at what seems to be the exact same dynamic, so I'd say that either you need to work on your dynamics a lot more and/or if you're using an electric keyboard, see if it is touch-sensitive as far as how loud it will play the notes, or fiddle with the dynamics of it in reason to give it a more natural sound.

I thought the cymbal at the start (or whatever it was?) with the piano was a little weird, just because generally you don't start songs with a cymbal crash? xD
I liked the drum beat that came in after, though. It was present, but didn't overpower the piano and had some really nice glitchy sounds to it. I was about to say it was lacking a bass but then realised it was my speakers sucking, so now with headphones in I can say I really like the bass/again, present, but not overpowering. And at 1:30ish or so, you also had some quieter piano(?) sounds in the back which were really nice.
I think it's the entrance of the string/wind sounds at 1:40ish where you lost me on the hip-hop idea. But then again, I'm a total noob when it comes to what hiphop is in general, never mind olskool hiphop, so maybe this is what it does sound like xD As a piece in general though, I did like it. Despite the slightly-manufactured sound of the piano, you did have a lot of feeling there and I think this really matched the title of your song. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

ChampionAnwar responds:

Ever since I found out about quantize, I've pretty much never looked back. I've always quantized stuff perfectly, a lot of the time it just doesn't sound "in time" enough, even though I know it is. Oh and yes, dynamics is something I haven't used in ages, I just get the line tool and make everything the same nowadays, I'll have to go back to actually keeping the velocity at it's original amount, it does make better sound now that I think about it :D! Thanks man!

Regarding dynamics on certain parts, that's something I'm gonna get on right away (first on mah list) hehe. I may just play it again and leave the dynamics and it seems to have just made it sound too processed.

Oh and I'm not really into HipHop music much, so I don't have that much of a clue either, I just asked one of my friends and he was like that's hiphop and I was like cool xP. I'm glad you liked my orchestral section! :D

Thanks for the awesome review maaaaaaan! :D :D

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I didn't mind the melody being the same throughout. Through my /severely/ limited knowledge of this kind of genre, I've heard songs which generally have the same melody throughout. To use perhaps the only example I know by name, Sandstorm, by Darude? Used pretty much the exact same 4-bar melody throughout the entire 4-minutes version of that track...but it's what happens to it, and what's behind and around it that makes it not cross the line from memorable into repetitive. While I get they're not exactly the same genre (or they could be, I have no idea), I think this is what this track is lacking' the variation needed to make this melody stick it out for three minutes without sounding repetitive.

I didn't even mind the melody just playing itself out until we got to about the 1:08 mark, where I started feeling like something else needed to be done, like another melody, or just another more prominent countermelody being added in...piano is an incredibly versatile instrument, you can make it seem varied simply by shifting it up an octave, or even reversing the sounds, or giving the melody to another track. Or perhaps the most effective; cut it out completely for portions of the track. Because it gives you a greater opportunity to build BACK into the main theme, not just over it. The bass/drum line you have going from about 1:35ish had me thinking for its entire time that with a bit of work it would have made a kickass buildup. Cause you had no piano, you just had the drum and bass all on their own, and so the entire track is toned down a little. So while you did use it to just slowly wind the track down, I think it could have easily been used to wind it all the way back up again into some big kind of final climax, which is what I was almost expecting. Even if you didn't do any of that, just having a few more synths supporting the piano here and there would help you a lot; it gives the listener something else to focus on if they find the piano too repetitive.

It's got a lot of potential, but I think you liked that melody a little too much and it got a bit overused and overexposed. There is such a deal as too much of a good thing; tone it down a little, maybe take it out totally for a few bars...give your listeners something more to anticipate.

-Review Request Club

Decibel responds:

Amazing Review, I appreciate the honesty and I thank you.
This ideas inspired me, i'll get 2 work on it as soon as possible!


8-bit...on acid.

Pretty much the long and short of this. Like, the kind of thing I'd be expecting to hear in a Mario game where he got splatted by a hammer and had to walk around in a daze, and the walls start swirling or something equally trippy. it's very interesting, and when you review as much audio as we tend to...interesting is always somewhat refreshing.

The first two seconds or so caught me off-guard because there wasn't the discernible beat there and it did kind of feel like a few random chords strung together. But by about 0:03 you started establishing the feel of the beat and the track started gaining a little more structure. A bit of an unorthodox beat, but a cohesive one nonetheless.

The voice could have done with being a little clearer, or just a little louder relative to the lead synths. Because if you hadn't typed out the lyrics in the comments, I would have had close to no idea what was being said. I think you messed with it a little too much and made it a little too ambient and in-the-background so the more buzzing nature of the synths just cut through it completely. But apart from that, I have no complaints about your choice of sounds; they're all pretty easy on the ears to listen to and they all compliment eachother pretty nicely. I heard some pad sounds here and there, kinda wished there was a little more of it, but then again the silences between the kind of semi-lurching lead synth did add to the feel a whole lot.

This is really nicely done. Unorthodox, which is -while not speaking for everyone- definitely the kind of submissions I really don't mind reviewing at all. If no-one was unique then no-one would be interesting, so it's nice to see this kinda steps out from the usual 8-bit. Keep it up, as always.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

awesomes. and yea ill someday make the voice clearer.

Hmm, i dont know about being onorthodox but i guess my style isnt very generic.
There are more people who make non-generic music on ng :)

Thanks for finding this worthy of a 8.

Greets -Cal :)

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I think it maybe starts off a little too strong, though that could have been my fault for having the volume up pretty high xD.
I like the initial beat; you've got a nice set of synths there which at first, seem to work well together, but once you get into the main beat you see that this track could use some mastering; all the synths are kinda piled on top of one another, so the lead synth begins to drown out everything else, even the lighter parts of the drum track. I think this could use a remix or some mastering to it, just to try and separate the streams out a little more so they can all be heard in the way they're meant to.

And while the synths work with eachother, I'm not entire sure they work for this genre; like some other people in the RRC said, its the kind of sound you'd expect more in an 8-bit rather than a House track. The drums could have also maybe done with having more of a prominent role, because they were shelved in the background maybe a little too much.

In all, it's got a pretty solid set of ideas, it just needs a little reshuffling so we can get to hear them all better :P But do keep it up, cause this has promise, and mixing aside all the sounds...sound good! What more do you want? :P

-Review Request Club

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The start reminds me of the music that was on the game "Insurgo". Maybe just because they're both played on electric guitar, but they both kind of have the same feel...like it's just someone jamming whose made a nice melody to play and felt like recording it. It's nice and lighthearted, and puts you in a good mood for the rest of the song. When the rhythm kicks in a little more, it's kind of even more of the same; feels like you happened to hit record during a righteous jam session and this is a part of what you were playing.

I think for criticisms...the palm muting was a little off, it felt a bit crackly under the amp, and probably could have been a little cleaner/more muted...and the tone in general could have been a little cleaner. I'd be interested to hear the "better version" of the song just to see if this is claned up or not, but here it's a little distracting from the melodies...but at the same time, does give it something of an authentic feel.

There's definite potential here; could use a little improving and maybe the addition of a drum or bassist just to add another dimension...but I kinda like it as it is. It's nice and unassumingly earthy, and I love the track for it. Nicely done.

-Review Request Club

axlisbak responds:

thanks for taking the time out to listen and review, regarding the clean tone, the crappy mp3 player recorder does it no justice compared to the human ear, and the better version is pretty much the exact same as this but way too distorted and has an electric solo layered onto the end, id upload it but its not worth it. thanks again

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Lol, if you yourself know it's repetitive then do you think a title like "Forever and ever and ever" was a wise choice? Sort of tempting fate, there, arentcha? ;D

It is very catchy, for something relatively simple. I like how there's not many instruments to it; it gives it a lighter more upbeat feel, and its the kind of thing that would work well as the background music to a game for it. It's not so heavy to be distracting while doing something else, it's not so unanimated that you couldn't just listen to it on its own, and no matter how you are listening to it, it puts you in a good mood because of its quirky melodies and lightheartedness.

And it wasn't that repetitive. Sure, you could have done more in 100 seconds, but you did put in a few little synths and the like to make it a little more interesting. I think more of that as the track went on wouldn't have gone amiss, but as it is I didn't find myself getting irritated in any way by the repetitiveness, which is odd, because repetitive catchy things are annoying...yet this wasn't. Though now it's stuck in my head. Which I'm sure will drive me insane in a few hours xD But in a good way!

Simple structure, nice melodies and light beat...what more can you want? It's a nice loop.

-Review Request Club

PabMo responds:

Yeah thanks for mentioning that pal. I did realize it was kind of ironic after I decided on the name. :P Your reviews are quite fun to read. Plus encouraging. Thanks for the review Animith!

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..Yeah, definitely for artificial guitar, this is a better-than average sound, and you definitely use it well throughout. It does sound a little computerised at points, but never so much so that it gets irritating.

The song itself is nicely done; the drum beat is simple, but works well with the other instruments and gives it that heavy grounding against the lighter guitars, and the keyboard sounds give it that extra depth. It's structurally pretty solid, though you maybe could have had a little more variety chordally; it seemed to be based on the same three or so chords throughout, and though it's used well between the different guitar and keyboard sounds, it does start to feel a little repetitive by the end. If you just went onto another set of chords or another riff at some point in the son before going back to the main chorus theme, it'd probably be fine.

This is a good track, but there's definite wiggle room there for expansion and improvement. Nicely done in general, though. Shows good potential, and great execution given the sounds you had to work with.

-Review Request Club

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review!
Like I said, I wanted to make a basic song with just basic parts.

Review Request Club

There's definite scope for expansion of this, here. 90 seconds is an alright size, but you lay the foundations for a piece that easily could be twice that length, maybe even three times, which is a good thing. Would definitely not have minded this track being longer than it was, because it was very good for 90 seconds.

There's a really warm epic tone; the kind you often see in NG flashes, and the kind you often see in battle scenes; I think the snare drum and the other percussion do help a lot with that image, though I think that maybe you could have done even more with them that you did; again, something you could explore if you ever expanded this. This has a vaguely light tone to it, maybe with another section it could get darker and more aggressive, such as when the enemy first sees the enemy they're facing or when they're first attacked. I get this is the first movement in a piece, but even this movement could take a little more of a journey than it did, in this aspect. Maybe bring in more sections of the orchestra instead of just strings and percussion, even.

There's definite potential here, and I'm curious to see what the next movement will sound like in relation to this.

-Review Request Club

Review Request Club

When I read the title I was really worried this would be a weird house version of the "happy birthday!" tune...was very pleasantly surprised to find I was worrying over nothing.

You start up really upbeat and continue so throughout...I think the lead synth was perhaps a little too distorted, but what it was playing was some really nice melodies, and it was nice to see two distinct melodies already by the first minute...when they both played over eachother around the 1:00 mark, I was a little dubious, I think that could have been done by two synth sounds instead of the one because it felt a little clustered. The same thing around the 1:30 mark where you've got the lead synth doing that high repeated chord over and over, I think that would have been suited to a less prominent synth as it grated a little on the ears after a while.

There's a great level of melodic diversity, but I think the harmony and bass line could have done with changing a little more than it did; it was a steady bass, but the fact it didn't move while the melody lines often did was a little odd. In general though, this was a really nice track; very well put together.

-Review Request Club

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I didn't know what the difference was between French house and Chicago house before listening to this...and after having listened to it, was really none the wiser. Maybe it's just me, but both "styles" sounded exactly the same, to the point where I couldn't really tell where the transition took place. If there is a difference between French and Chicagoan house, I think it could have standed to be exaggerated a lot more than it was here, so even n00bs to House music would have some idea of what was going on.

The synths you have are all nicely chosen and nicely implemented, there's a definite high production value in terms of sound quality. What they're playing is also nice; there's some good melodies and automations, but as the piece gets longer these things definitely et more repetitive; maybe it's because I missed the transitions of styles, but the entire thing kind of felt like it started somewhere...and didn't move from that place at all. There was some definite scope to go on more of a journey with this track, and I think it was something of a missed opportunity to do something more, because what you have at the moment is good...just needs a little extra to keep the variety up to that same high level as the production of this is.

-Review Request Club

shesmackshard responds:

As for chicago house, its darker. French is more ambient and happy-esque. The transition is hard to spot for noobs because I didnt change instrumentation. But the bridge is written in chicago.

As for your second part - thats what house IS. reptititve dancing material.

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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