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I don't know much about house and even less about FL presets, so this will mostly be personal opinion over how it links to either of those things, because...opinions require no intelligence ;D Anyway:

Nass drum beat. Got a lot of different sounds going on there and a few nice sounding automations to make the beat sound interesting and more than your usual bass/snare/clap ensemble. Really like the kind of sweeping-sound drum you had, it was very characteristic but didn't cut through the texture at all, so it just added a nice bit of colour.
The first synth was nice and prominent, but the end of it felt a little out of tune, in places? Like, it hit the note it was meant to, but then started sliding down into obscurity a little before looping again. Maybe that's just me, but it did seem a little odd.

The transition at 0:45 was a little abrupt, with just the lead synth changing and nothing else. Not that the change in lead wasn't a good idea, it's just that you just flicked one switch off and the other on, instead of building up more into the transition.

The subtle change in drum beat at 1:03 was nice, as was the re-entry of the first synth at 1:15. Could have used some cohesion between the two synths in the 30 seconds between the transition and then, but it's not that big of a deal.
By 90 second in it does, however, start to feel quite repetitive as you've just had those two synths throughout and they're quite small loops to be using. At the very end you start automating them a little more, and I think if you'd started that earlier on it probably would have saved you, because while the synths would be playing the same thing, they'd sound different due to the automation, giving that needed variety.

Generally, it's a pretty cool piece. Given you did this all with presets, it's pretty nicely done because everything pretty much fits together. Work on the first transition a little more and maybe add in a third synth for some more variety, and I think this would have been fine.

-Review Request Club

DjAbbic responds:

Heh, thanks for the review. When I hit the 0:45 seconds part, it was getting pretty late, and I got lazy, so I just made some excuse to finish the song :S. Not a good effort but I like the beat at the start.

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I remember listening to the first version of this. If memory serves, it was pretty much all there, though in my head it dragged a little by the second minute and could have used a few tweaks here and there. Anyway, let's see how this one fares in comparison:

The pulse waves are very psychadelic; I see you've kind of gained mixed reactions below. I think it's one of those things where if you like it or know it goes with the style, then you're fine with it going through most of the track. But if you DON'T like it, then it can get overbearing and head-spinning almost instantly. I don't listen to this genre, but using your previous track as a template I'm guesing it's pretty fitting of hardstyle to have that heavy pulsing beat. Definitely sets up the mood instantly, to say the least.

I like how you've again used the stereo to bounce the vocals around a little while the main tune plays through. The drum break at 0:58 was really nicely done, and proved a really good transition into a sort of new section; not a lot had changed, but the melody changing is enough to keep it sounding fresh and interesting enough. You've got a nice distribution between the lead synth, the vocals, and the points at which they overlap slightly. THere's possibly two things I like about this the most; one is the subtle changes you bring after each major transition to the melody, which means it doesn't drag as it would have done if you'd kept that melody the same. The second is the transitions themselves; the one at 2:05ish is possibly even better than the one at 0:58 because you had that nice effect on the drum beat as well.
Also coming in close third would be the production values of this. While a lot of the synths have obviously had a lot of work done to them, the quality still remains very high.

I think the ending was a little empty, but I've heard peopke use the term "dj-friendly" for outros that just use the basic beat of the track, so I'll...assume that's what it is! I'll stop rambling now. Tl;dr, good production values, nice changes in melody, in all a pretty solid track. Keep 'em coming.

-Review Request Club

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shesmackshard responds:

I appreciate the time put into it! the production was definitely the focus here, especially in this second mix.

excellent review, this is how reviews need to be (based on production). IMO anyways. thanks again

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Really nice ambient introduction; it's quite simplistic, but at the same time has that touch of a heavy edge to it, as if it's illustrating the demons just walking into the club, so the beat hasn't quite hit home yet...but they're still demons, and so it's not exactly upbeat and airy-fairy. Heavy ambience; works well. Nice transition between the bassy ambience to the higher-pitched synth and the light drum at 0:35, great automation there to pitch shift it down; the entire transition section from 0:20-0:50 or so is really well done; everything comes in and out quite smoothly.

When the main "melody" came in at 0:50 though, it was a lot lighter than I think it could have been, especially for the title you have. It says in the AC that you turned down the bass, and I can kinda hear that...or rather, not. I'd almost suggest thinking about turning the bass up again, though maybe it's just my crappy headphones not being able to pick them up enough. Also, while the high-pitched synth works well, I don't think it's good enough to work as a lead melody, and so maybe think about adding one in; perhaps something bassy and kind of ominous, just to tie that darker feel back into the track.

There's some nice transitions and harmonic changes, but I think dynamically everything kinda stays generally the same throughout, and that could be something to look at; give it more of a sense of build and suspense, instead of having this buildup into the same section, but in a slightly different key...I think having a different melody would help here, as you could change it up between sections and create a kind of verse/chorus effect.

In general, it's an alright track, but could do with being a lot heavier than it was, given your source of inspiration and given how the introduction sets the track up. The ending, as well, while alright, I think was a tad overdrawn and perhaps needed a little more variety in it just to change it up from being just one long fadeout. You've got some good ideas here, they just need polishing up a bit more.

-Review Request Club

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Birdinator99 responds:

Ah, yes, the bass; I hate it so much lol. It sounds so different on every speaker type it's really hard to get it right.

Great comments -- thanks for the good ideas!

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You've got a nice introduction, but I don't think it relates very well to the section after, to the point where I think you'd probably be better off without it, as the entrance of the snares is quite emphatic in itself, and doesn't need that introduction. You'd start off with more of a bang without it.

That being said, you've got a really nice first section, but everything feels quite distant? I think some of the instruments could have been brought out of the texture more to give more of an intensity to it, because you've set quite a ferocious pace, but everything is kind of lurking in the background, so it sort of feels like a scout has just started to see the enemy lines, as opposed to the armies lining up for battle, for example. Just bring something out a little more to sharpen that texture.

As a heroic theme, I think this does work, because you've got some nice warm strings and a lot of texture going on there, I really like the section between 1:00 and 2:00ish where the drums get a lot bassier again and it's just the low strings and wind instruments, there it feels quite serene, but emphatic at the same time; as if there is peace, but it's hard won at that. And the re-entrance of the strings at 2:18 does feel very emotional. Definitely works as a hero theme.

...as far as the 'action' part goes, apart from what I've already said, I think you need a few more rhythmic aspects in this to give it a more intense action-y edge. So this could be...more drums, or have your snare drum be more prominent than it is, or string parts which aren't just long sustained notes...one NG example I can think of is "Entering the Stronghold", which has a lot of rhythmic aspects and definitely has an action-like theme to it; lots of percussion and pretty rhythmic strings. On top of that, you could have more of a buildup; make the listener think that something big is about to happen, and then have some kind of louder section nearer the end to signify the action itself.

The outro I thought was a bit weird; again, sort of unrelated to the rest of the song, as the intro was, but ironically you did have the beginnings of a nice drum beat there; if that extended into perhaps a heavier section, I think this could definitely work as a piece, with this being the more heroic themes and the next section being more action oriented.

In general, you've got some nice sounds and a lot of atmosphere, definitely hit the heroic mark, missed a little on the action front...but what you have thus far has a great amount of feeling to it, so you're definitely in the right direction. Take a second look at the intro and outro and I think this would be more than fine as a track.

-Review Request Club

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popraz responds:

Thank you very much ! I'm actually trying to integrate the heroic theme, with some variations, into a more complex suite of themes, so, it's nice to know it works. The action part, I must admit, is not my strong side, still trying to figure it out. I realise the biggest fault of this song is its lack of cohesion, so the next one will be a bit more homogenous. Again, thank you for reviewing, I really appreciate it.

Review Request Club

Bass, definitely a highlight of the piece. The volume and depth of it is really kickass, and kind of fills the need for texture all by itself, so when the guitar comes in, even though it's quite thready in sound, it's got a nice deep bass to lean into, and so while the instruments themselves are few in number, it doesn't feel empty, so by the end of the first minute you've got a really kind of dark, moody atmospheric feel to the track, which is kind of awesome.

The way the transitions aren't all that uniform is also really cool, because the instrumentation of the piece kind of makes it work; any thicker a texture and it probably would have seemed just messy, but here you've just got a nice element of surprise and anticipation because you can't quiiite tell when things are going to change up a little more. A really nice part is where the drums start getting heavier at 1:40, and for about 3 seconds you have a pretty defined rhythmic aspect before everything goes back up in the air a little. I love how the drums pull everything in a little more together in the parts where the toms come into play a bit more. Seriously, this is some really nice work, I'd be surprised if this didn't end up in a flash at some point.

In all...I can't really fault this. You've got a great atmosphere, a pretty haphazard structure which fits that atmosphere perfectly, and a nice set of sounds to pull the whole thing off. I love the way you've got the click sound filling in for the percussion in the lighter sections, as well as the static throughout. It's a great track, just nicely roughened around the edges. Really good work.

-Review Request Club

MarkArandjus responds:

Hey thanks for your review, I'm glad it's getting good feedback. The song was actually nearly lost when my computer crashed, luckly I showed it to a friend so he could mail it back to me when I got my new hard drive.

Thanks again!

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I'm torn. I kind of like the lo fi nature of it. It makes the track seem a little rougher around the edges and more toned down in nature; gives you this idea of a guy on his porch or something playing a busted-up guitar to no-one in particular. To the point where I think given the right flash the quality of it could actually be quite atmospheric.

That being said, I still think it could use a few improvements just to take it a little further from "lo fi" into "cool sounding lo fi". Some of the plucked notes sounded a little odd, especially the bassy one at 0:10 and a few more besides. In general, it could also do with being a little louder, though I suppose the light background noise would pick up a whole lot more if you simply amplified it. If you can, find a program that has a decent noise reduction, just so you can bring the track up to a more listenable dynamic throughout, because while it's toned down, it's also turned down, which is a little odd.

Really liked the repeated notes of the ending...in general, I thought it was a nice track. Definitely had some quality issues, but has a lot of character and atmosphere for it. Could use a few tweaks, but...what can I say, to each their own. This was pretty neat.

-Review Request Club

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Ahhh, gotta love piano. One of those instruments with such an insane amount of versatility, so it's always nice to hear it played, never mind played well. Really is a shame that it's quite short, but then again I guess you can't have too much of a good thing. And despite the brevity, you do have a lot of feeling and emotion crammed into that little space, so the shortness of the time isn't of detriment to you in that respect.

Really interesting name, as well. Have no idea what it means, but its ambiguity kind of fits with the song; it's not overtly happy or sad, just that kind of peaceful relaxing emotion you sometimes get with piano that just puts you at ease with the world, despite not being very emotive one way or the other.

It's got a really nice flowing feel throughout, and the progressions you make through the different chords are nice; I think the left hand could have been more complex at times than a single note, but at points the single bass note is more than enough to carry the slightly more complex right hand, and it's somehow better to have it feeling slightly absent than over-burdened with notes, as that would have taken away the silences this has, which work to great effect in making pauses and breaking up the melody a little more so it just doesn't seem like a random stream of notes throughout. Really nice work overall; definitely look to extending this if you have the time spare at some point.

-Review Request Club

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Calamaistr responds:

The name means omnibus coping, or coping with all creation/existance/life.
Its a cute little piece isnt it. :)

Thanks again, i really like your reviews. :)

Review Request Club

Really liked the start, though I'd turned my headphones up a little too loud and almost took my head off with it xD. But anyway. I like how you bring the different sounds in, especially how there's so many melodic aspects to the main tune.
When the drum does come in at 0:40, I think it could do with being a little more brought out of the atmosphere, because I could barely hear it over everything else. However, they have a nice beat to them and it compliments the rest of the synths well. Damn, this is a very happy track.

That being said...by the second minute it started dragging, for me. What was playing had no fault to it in itself, you had some really nice sounds and there's a great texture along with the pretty stellar melodies...but everything is pretty much set up by 0:40, and stays that way for a pretty extended length of time. And so when you do start changing things up a little more for the next few sections, it starts feeling repetitive a lot quicker than it should. The thing, especially with tracks of this length, is that you don't want any sections to overstay their welcome, because the subsequent sections will start to feel drag-y even if their lengths are fine. None of the ideas you have in this are bad, it's just that they're a little too spread out to be fully appreciated.

As some other people have said, you could probably use a little more variety in general. Either having a few more sets of drum beats to change up the feel a little, more automations on the melody lines to keep it sounding fresh and interesting, mixing the faster heavy sections that you do have with some slower, ambient sections (I really liked the opening synth you had, wouldn't have minded that coming back into prominence later on), or even just some generally more quiet sections. Dynamics definitely could do with a second look because the levels did get kinda piercing in places. In general though, you've got a really nice track here. Was a little too long to get the full marks, but definitely has pretty much everything it needs to be a solid track. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review! Yea, length has always been my problem, and it's something I'm working on. Also, loudness is my problem too. I'm trying day by day to practice and improve on those aspects. Thanks for the review, because it definitely contributes to my future knowledge of audio.
I have a new song out, it's called Golden Paradise. I need some nice suggestions there as well.

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The very beginning sounds quite odd; it sounds like the final two thirds of a reverbed sound, in that you don't hear the attack of it, but still hear the trail-off. Not trying to make a big deal of it, but is was a little odd. Anyway, onto the track.

Rest of the first 30 seconds go without complaint. It's obvious it's a track that's going to slowley build up, and starting with 'crowd' noises before the more melodic synths came in was pretty cool. I can't tell what exactly comes in at :28 but it did seem to have a little too much treble on it given that most of the other synths were in the mid-low range. However, by 0:45ish you start hearing the automations bringing the pitch down, which is both a nice touch and a rememdy for this as the sound sinks more into the texture.

Definitely have to compliment you on your use of sounds and automations for the first minute; given that the only melodic thing there was a single pulsing note, you did keep the beat feeling fresh and interesting throughout the first minute, which is pretty cool. I also notice the high-ish sound just keeps diving further until it becomes a really bassy beat, which again is both unique and interesting to hear, because you wonder just how low it'll go, and so the simple melody doesn't even figure into the mind as a point of complaint.

When the new beat/melody is established at 1:20, I'd say the drums could do with maybe being a little further out of the texture, because you can hear they're quite heavy, but don't quite get to feel it as much as you do the bass synths. Maybe even making the drums a little bassier would've helped this (Though in saying that, maybe I'm saying the totally wrong thing xD not exactly an avid listener of techno, here :P)

And again, while you have got a relatively simple melody, you keep changing up the sounds that are supporting it, and so instead of the track dragging, you keep it sounding new and interesting, which is definitely something to be commended for a song this length and for melodies as simple as two-note and three-note sequences. Even though the main idea stays pretty much unchanged for the last three minutes, it still sounds unique and interesting. So this is perhaps the first pretty lengthy techno track I've pretty much enjoyed reviewing a lot, so kudos for that. xD

You've definitely got the talent needed to carry a simple melody for a long time, but I'd say you could even extend that further; change the beat up a little more, maybe even have a break in the middle and go somewhere a little more ambient, or even a little heavier. But that's just clutching straws; this track is really well put together, I'm not sure there's anything from this that I'd really say you needed to change. Which makes a change!

I'll probably stop rambling here. But basically...yeah. Cool track, cool sounds, major kudos for keeping a simple melody sounding interesting...keep it up, definitely.

-Review Request Club

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Dj-GST responds:

The beginning sound is a very low crash (though it may not sound like one), with a very high amount of reverb to it, the original kinda started that way so this one does too.

Lol, I love my slow buildup :) That "high treble" sound is the kick, with a modified filter to make it sound like a pumped rimshot, then it transitions into it's full self.

Bassier drums? Not a bad idea...

Yeah, I figured that since the melodies aren't complex at all, that a few background transitions would make the song less repetitive.

I'm happy that you liked this so much man, I'll be sure to have more out soon :)

Review Request Club

One thing I'd say that stuck out while I was typing this the first time around is that this doesn't loop very well, for a loop. There was a bit of silence at the end which made the loop-back feel more abrupt. If you took that silence/fadeout out completely, the beat would probably hold up a lot better than it does now.

That being said, the levels of this were really nice. You had a good beat and texture with the different synths, even some lightly modulations in places; the break in the middle was cool, I think if the track itself was longer I'd've said the break could have done with being a little more played out, but given the brevity of the track it probably works better for being the short break it is.

In all, it's pretty short, if you have the time I'd definitely say look into making this a longer track, let it go more places before it has to loop back. Generally though, you have yourself a nice little track, here. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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