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Straight from the start you've got this sense of pace and urgency; the synth hits you straight off and the beat instantly feels fast-paced. The way the drums come in at 0:22ish is really nicely done; I love the way the synths are automated in general, it's always smooth and gives the track that extra dimension that you wouldn't have had simply by leaving the synths in their "natural state"

By 1:00 or so I think the drumbeat itself could have used changing up a bit, but I don't really notice that as the guitars are pretty captivating; the arpeggios by the later side of the minute especially are really nice; the guitar's not as much in the forefront as some of the synths elsewhere in the track, but it works well for that; it's got the movement in it that means it doesn't need to be so far in front, and the way it mixes with the other textures is very effective.

Closer to the end, the more industrial sounds that get added, like the occasional scratch or buzzing sound (don't know the real name of it, sorry xD) gives it the variety that makes the end stand out from the middle of the piece. In general, I'd love the bass to have been more prominent, or for there to have been a more bassy drum sound, just to emphasise that kind of mechanised infernal feel that the title suggests. That besides, this track is crafted really nicely, the EQ is pretty much spot on.

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The piano at the start was nice, but could have done with a little more sustain. THis problem's pretty much remedied once the guitar and the drums kick in, but just at the start it feels a little bare.

The piece in general has a really upbeat and nice melody, it'd work well for a happy scene in a video game, or simply as some walking-about music in an RPG village or something. I wasn't totally sure about the drum mini-solo at 0:37, but once the new melody came in it was okay. The drums itself...the beat was cool, but the cymbals sometimes sounded a little too synthetic. The other instruments/sounds/synths, however, were really nicely done and just gave this warm sound throughout, again giving the feeling of happiness or contentment or something.

The structure is fairly good; the piece doesn't develop much throughout the piece, and could maybe do with a little more variety by the middle, but as a whole, this is a nice happy piece; you've got a strong mood evoked and damn, after a listen or two you do find yourself nodding along a little to it. It's catchy, not repetitive. Always a definite plus.

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PabMo responds:

This review has been most helpful and pleasant to read. I do hope it's used in some kind of video game at some point, so I like to hear how it'd fit into certain themes. Yeah I agree that the cymbals aren't all too impressive but I couldn't find a more realistic sounding drum... module... plugin kind of thing. Thanks for all the kind words and I'm so glad you liked it enough to listen to it a few times. Thanks again Animith.

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Nice start. The pizzicato strings were cool, but at times felt a little artificial; it sounded like there was a low arco string underneath it that could have used being brought up a little more just to flesh the texture out a little more. The drums were a nice addition, but were a little too dominating over the other strings to begin with. As it developed they kind of settled into the texture more. The melodies in this were really nice; they were simple, but that made them very strong and effective.

At 1:10 or so when the strings come alongside the piano melody was a really magical point, and the following 20 seconds or so was really nice; the subtle change in drum beat, the little harp glissando that was just casually present in the background, and then the really emotional string run up to the big climax at the end; in general the choices of instruments were just really well done. THe arpeggios in the strings start getting a little artificial-sounding by 1:50, but that might have just been me. The climax in general though was very emotive and effective.

The cutout at 2:03 was very abrupt, but it just about works for it, leading down to a more subdued finish. When the drum kicked back in at the end, I was expecting it to build up again into another section, but instead it just finished. If you get another look at this piece I'd really consider expanding it even further than you did, just to have even more of a variety to it. All in all though, this was an awesome piece. Keepe it up.

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The sound choice in general is pretty good; you've got the organ and choir sounds, and the more ominous-sounding synths which really help set a vaguely creepy theme. The drum was something I had a bit of a problem with; at the start the cymbal sound kind of cut through the sytnh a little too much (though this fixes itself as the texture gets thicker), and at points the beat itself seemed out of time later in the piece. And if at 0:38-:40ish, that's meant to be a drumroll? (I couldn't really tell) it does sound quite messy as a sound.

I agree with Haggard that it takes some getting used to, which probably does help your case as it's not meant to give an overall comfortable air. The way the different instruments come in and out, sometimes in a kind of surprising way, as well as some of the more unusual harmonies, helps the shock-factor a little, where sometimes you're just left with the lowest synths and sometimes you've got every single sound going. It perhaps could have used a few more synths here and there just to keep the variety up a little more, but in general this was a pretty good piece.

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I like the melodies in general, though whatever effect you added on one of the first synths to make it sound all chopped-up like a pretty aggressive tremolo doesn't really work. It seems to take on a more rhythmic aspect at the climax around the 2:40 mark, but nearer the start where there's a less prominent drum beat to compliment it it's a little out of place. I can't exactly explain more than that why it seems to work later in the track more than it did earlier...I don't know, it just seemed a little surplus to requirements at the start? You had a nice melody going, it didn't need that effect gating up the smoothness of the tone like it did,

That being said, the entire thing was quite dream-like. It doesn't really travel any much distance (although it does have a subtle buildup throughout, which is very nicely done considering it's pretty much the same melodic material being used throughout), but there's this great ambient feel in the background, juxtaposed by this kind of odd-sounding synth in the front that by the end does start to simulate the kind of reaction you do get with rapid-eye movement; this sort of fluttered view of reality.

Don't get discouraged by the 0-bombers. Everyone on the audio portal suffers them, the trick is to realise it's the reviews that really count ;). For a first track, this shows real promise. If you can keep this up and maybe improve a little, you could have a nice little time here on NG. Keep it up.

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KeptItHairy responds:

Ha, I see there are no fans for that tremolo, but I'm beginning to agree that It did seem too much and took away more from the atmosphere then it started off with. As for the beat, I made it more for that climax, which is probably why it sounds a bit awkward as I did have trouble fitting it into the beginning. I'm proud to hear that I got the atmosphere down. Its what truly held this piece together which is why its so important. Its so great having so many perspectives. I just hope my song is good enough to payback the effort for the helpful reviews!

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I love the superslow buildup in this. It takes a good full minute for the main riff to kick in and yet the first minute isn't really lacking; all the time you've got this sense of crescendo and build to it. Which is pretty nicely done, as most of the time buildups that length just get irritatingly repetitive.

The switchings between the keys/synths and the guitars is always nicely done. Whatever's on top, you've always got this nice undercurrent of synth and drum beat, which varies enough to not be dull in itself, and often has a few sounds you'd generally not hear in a backing part, which gives the track a lot more depth. The choice of sounds on the keys also generally complement the backing synths really well, whereas the guitar adds a nice counterpoint to them, so you've got a great contrast going on.

I thought by the 4th-6th minute it was starting to get a little repetitive, but not so much so as to be very irritating. The guitar in general was cool, but I thought it could have maybe switched a little more between the chords and the more lead-like part it had right at the start. Maybe have more times where the main synths/guitars are playing together, as well?

In general, it's a nice solid piece. The guitar's a little drawn back which lets them not overpower the keys, it's got some nice unusual sounds and harmonies in there and in all was a pretty decent listen. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

OH35 responds:

Thanks you for your feedback!

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Nice intro, especially the kind of breathy voice effect. The little transition at 0:15 was a little too abrupt, to the point where I thought the track had jumped. But after that, again you have a nice buildup, the drums are nice and prominent, the synth is well-picked and again you've got this kind of echoes voice in the background which gives it a little more characteristic.

THe transitions in this are definitely the major letdown of this track. When everything fades out at 1:25 it really takes long while for anything to really get back to a decent volume...even by 2:20 I'm still wishing things were a little louder than they were, or at least having one of the synths a little more in the forground so we had more of a point of focus, or have one of them play more of a melody so it takes on a better-formed type of ambient middle-section. Espcially the part around 1:51 is sorely lacking any kind of sound...at all, really. And when things do kick back in at 2:36, they're too abrupt. It's lacking the buildup it needs and even if there's no buildup to be had, things in that middle minute definitely need to be turned up a little in general.

That being said, once things do kick back in again you've got a nice strong beat with the melody and it maintains itself pretty well. At 3:16 the little change is nice; thought it might have been another odd transition, but kinda works well in context, giving it that little bit of variety. The ending is pretty cohesive and polished, and again the voice effect makes a bit of an entrance (Or so I think).

In general, this does need a bit of work before it takes that step from demo to full-blown track. I'd have like to have seen the voice part take on more of a role because it was pretty unique, and DEFINITELY sort out the levels of that middle section. There's potential here, so keep working at it.

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Mans0n responds:

this is awesome criticism! thanks for the re

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Nice percussion at the start; there's a wide variety of instruments and they all contribute in their own way to a kind of lighter, more characteristic drum beat, and the kind you'd often find in jazz. And because there were so many different percussions involved, it meant the beat never felt repetitive. And for ONCE, there's an audio submission on NG that has a cymbal sound that doesn't smash through all the other instruments. Quite the opposite; it's really subtle and sparsely used, just adding that extra touch of colour as and when it's needed.

The sax is cool, although at some points in the solo sections it almost felt like random notes were being thrown in their own sake rather than that of the melody. Though mostly it created a pretty nice groove of a tune, and there were some nice harmonies and chord changes midway through between it and some of the other synths. The semi-scalic bass helps a lot in keeping the general feel of the chords a little less repetitive than it could have been, although by the end it was starting to drag regardless.

The drum sounds at 3:27 felt a little too artificial, and in general the 3rd minute felt too much like a recapitulation of the 2nd...however. That being said, all in all it was a nice listen. Yes, there was some fuzz, but nothing major and nothing of any serious detriment to the piece. You've got a nice melody, you've got a unique beat, you've got a cool sax. What more is there to ask of a jazz piece?

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Wish it was a little louder. But then again, better it be too quiet and need the speakers turned up a lot then it be too loud and break my hearing. Which happens a little too often with things in the AP, aha xD

In general, the piece is pretty toned-down; there's this kind of desaturated melancholy throughout that gives the piece a quiet beauty, which is coloured up a little by the odd chromatic harmony or slightly-faster movement. I'd be interested to see what the original track sounded like simply because I'm not sure how this would work with a faster pace. A little faster than this, perhaps, but if it was significantly faster it feels like it would have been a different piece altogether, and almost wreck the atmosphere you make from this.

It doesn't go on much of a journey, there's not a wild array of variety or even much change in the general pitch, but in itself I think this piece works regardless. It conveys a message in a clear way and tries to catch your attention without a fast pace and a more striking melody. Really nice work, overall.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

I might upload the original sometime, but i wouldnt want to break the chain of what im working on right now (TTC CHG, see my uploads page) Its a whole different kind of track, this is alot more lounge like, the original is eh.. well i dont really know.. it has bagpipes anyway (lowfi).

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It's got a nice and simple introduction. I felt the melody line could have been a little more prominent than it was in the first minute or so, and definitely gets drowned by the synths that come in at 0:55 and the more ambient one a few seconds later. The drums are nicely done; they're loud enough to be prominent without cutting through the synths.

When the new synths/instrument sounds take over the main melody from the piano sound the track got a lot more listenable-to, simply because there was more of a focus than just all the chords and melody at once. The transition onto the pads was a little abrupt, but works well once it settles in. The pan-flute-type thing at 3:05 and the glock (maybe?) at 3:12 were nice touches, I almost wish they'd come in a little earlier just to help add to the variety a little more than they did.

I think cutting a minute off wherever you did definitely helped, as this track only JUST started to get repetitive in places, but not much further than that. So definitely was a good idea to cut that minute out. For something made solely out of the FL instruments, this is nicely done. A lot better than a lot of the creations FL tends to have hurled onto newgrounds, anyway. It's a nice quirky piece, and works well for it.

-Review Request Club

Herdunculus responds:

Hmmm. I like your review because there is a lot of advice in it that I could use. I will definetly make this better using what you, and others, have suggested. Thanks a lot. Oh, the glock you mentioned at 3:12 is actually still the pan flute but I added a quieter lower note to it and a traingle sound (I forgot what it was called XD).

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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