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Nice strong start, the drums come in nicely, but then when they cut out for a few seconds and come back in with the cymbal it's a little odd. The first cymbal itself is way too piercing, kinda hurt on the headphones. But after that, it settles into a nice beat and the new synth works really well for the next 40 seconds or so.

I'm with every one else on the pitch bends at 1:14...was interesting to start with, but the fact that it's still dominating the texture another 30 seconds is incredibly irritating. If you're going to have that synth in for so long, you definitely need to manipulate it a little just so it morphs for variety's sake, or at least have another synth on top of it to disguise the song a little.

When the first section comes in again, there's a definite dragging feel of repetition. Even a few subtle changes to the synths or even a slight change in beat would have been really beneficial at this point just to keep the beat a little fresher and keep the track interesting. It loops back nicely, but by that point I wouldn't have really been able to tell whether it had looped or whether it was just repeating a section again. It definitely could do with more variety by the 2nd and 3rd minutes, maybe just with a few more synths or something. That being said, there's definitely potential here; the transitions are nice and with the exception of one, the synths all worked well together and are introduced smoothly. It just needs a little work to spice it up a little in the parts between those bits.

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Nice melody. Was a little unorthodox in places, but that kind of helped add to the melancholic quality of it. The switches between the more natural guitar and the more grating synth were nicely done; the addition of the choir around the 1 minute mark is REALLY nicely done, just giving it that extra shade of depth and desolation you'd expect from a wasteland scene.

The percussion, while sparse, works well for that. And you've got the nice mix between the kind of manipulated-drum sound and the more natural sound at the end and beginning respectively. Though saying that, the kind of kick sound around the 0:40-0:50 mark could have probably done with a little more bass.

Solo was indeed pretty cool. At some points it did start to feel like there were just lots of notes being hurled in for the sake of it, but at some point it did feel pretty genius. The pitch-bends especially were very nicely done, especially how it brought the track to its end. All in all, this is a nice characteristic piece you have here, great set of emotions portrayed.

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The opening synth, while pretty unique and atmospheric, did get a little too piercing for my headphones at around 0:12. I couldn't quite work out what was happening until 0:30 melodywise, but when it does kind of settle down and the melody starts to kick in it's AWESOME. Love the dark sounding strings up to 0:50, they really help set the tone.

The change to the synths was a little abrupt, but as it settles in again it has this nice dark feel to it. The drums are the best part of this section, definitely; you've got a great varied beat there to compliment the dark synths. The synths themselves are also nicely done; they don't move about so much as to be confusing, but their melody evolves enough for it to never get repetitive.

The section starting at 2:12 is another highlight for me, it starts getting a more anthemic, chorusy feel to it and the way the synth morphs is really cool. The change in drum beat at 2:52 was nice, and I wish it had maintained that offset beat for a little longer than it did.

Again, the transition (this time back into the strings) felt a little forced and the exit of the drums a little abrupt, but what the strings are playing in general is cool, and serve as a pretty nice interlude between the more aggressive, darker synth parts. The transition back into the synths at 4:10ish is a lot smoother than the previous one, and probably the best in the track. And again, the kind of "chorus" comes back in, but is varied enough for it to still bring a little more variety than a simple copy/paste would have done, so kudos for that.

The new synth that comes in in the 5th minute is a really nice touch, definitely switches focus from what had been the main synth for most of the track; which was probably needed at that point. All in all, it does what it says on the tin, and is nicely crafted. Maybe a touch on the long side, but never in any really detrimental way. Nice job, overall.

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julius33 responds:

WallOfText which i was really glad to read ^^
Its nice to read Constructive Criticism from time to time :)
Also the synth that enters in 5:13 is actually the same synth as in 1:39 only an octave (or 2, cant remember) higher :P, but it still plays a big role in the song...
Thank you for the review. I dont have much more to say since you have already said everything there is to say :)

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When I first looked at this, I was worried at the length. Not that I dislike all long songs (Tool fan, some of their tracks are 8 minutes plus, aha xD), but I find a lot of them can fall into a trap of being too repetitive. Especially when I read that this was originally two songs you edited into one. After listening to the whole thing I'm left wondering whether it would have been better off left as two songs. They compliment eachother well and the editing of them together is quite smooth, but I think having them as a 4-minute song and a 3-minute song might be a little easier to deal with, in listening terms. But anyway, on to the actual song.

Nice start, whatever you did to the drums is really cool, they compliment the synth well. I kind of wish they didn't fade out so quickly, just so they could have been used a little more as a support. The synth in itself though was nicely implemented, had a nice fast-paced melody and it had a nice evolution to it. The bass that comes in at 0:34 is also cool, though you kinda do start to really feel the lack of the drum sound by that point. I don't know what to make of the synth that comes in at 0:41...it sounds cool? What I can hear of it, anyway-it kinda needs to be brought a little more in the foreground so it's a little clearer, because it does sound like its a nice addition.

1:14 is yet another nice synth...the synths in general throughout have a really good quality to them come in and out well, though at 1:20 it's left feeling a little absent as one thing fades in and another fades out, and by 1:30 it feels in need of another synth just to flesh it out a little. The gated melody is a nice touch but it leaves the section feeling a little absent of some of the warmer synths that preceded it.

The going's on at 3:00ish feel way too crowded. One of those synths needs to be brought out a little more just to have some kind of point of focus instead of this mass of synths that sound kinda muddy together. The third minute in general has a really nice melody and is well-put together much like the 2nd...but much like the second minute, I'm not entirely sure it'd be of a detriment to the track if they were half the length? It's not that what's happening isn't good, it's just that it kind of lingers in the same area before it begins to move somewhere else. Which isn't a totally bad thing, but for a 7-minute song it gets a little repetitive.

The changeover to the second track was nicely done, I probably wouldn't have guessed it was initially two tracks if you hadn't said in the comments. It's a nice change from what's come before, especially the drums at 5:35. They're pretty overpowering, but almost in a good way? The way they cut through the synth somehow makes for the good. The synth at 6:03 creates the variety needed again by that point, right then I was going to have said it needed something different...and lo! Synths came. So nice save, on that part. The new synth at 6:28 is also a nice touch for this.

In all, this was pretty well crafted. Some of the levels could do with a second look and I'd seriously consider either splitting the tracks back into two or shortening this track down to a more manageable length, but in general this was pretty cool. Keep it up.
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aliaspharow responds:

Wow! i was kinda expecting steph to give me the long one but seems you beat him on that one! i never even thought a longer song was an issues! because i thought all my other ones were too short...
...well that and the fact that i wanted to get both songs reviewed in the same week.
^^ HEY no one said it was cheating! Anyway, il be sure to mention this to steph! hes always looking for good epic reviewers!


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The intro's really cool, I love the initial switches between the brass and the percussion. The percussion itself could have maybe done with a little more reverb just to give it even more emphasis, but it serves its purpose fine as it is.

The snare that comes in at 0:36 is a nice change of percussion and really helps keep the pace going as it moves into the new section at 0:41. Which is, by the way, awesome. There's the subtle change in melody and harmony that just gives the quietest hint of a buildup, to start with. But a grand one, at that.

Your use of chords is also really nice, especially the major one at 0:58, just in general the instruments work really well together. The addition of the strings (or so I think?) was REALLY nicely done, giving that extra warmth to the brass. Personally, I think they could have been a little stronger at 1:14 as the brass kind of take a bit of a quieter role during that part. Definitely think the main climax at 1:21 could have been a little stronger, especially as you have a pretty powerful buildup from the brass leading directly up to it. As it is you still have the feeling of climax and it's a well written piece for that, but I think you could make a much bolder statement easily just by turning up the volume a little at that point.

The kind of large anthemic feel you have up to the end is really nice, I especially like the little synth-type thing you added at 2:05 and the way it panned across the speakers. Would have said the ending was fine, but the final cymbal crash was a little distracting, almost, especially as that was the only thing playing by that point. Though that could just be me.

All in all...I think the word of the day here is 'epic'? I almost wish this was longer, just so it could build up even more than it did. There were a few tiny things that maybe could have been changed, but it's nothing big enough for me to want to wreck your perfect score :P Keep it up; nicely done.

-Review Request Club

Stargenx responds:

I am thinking of extending this, yes. I will possibly make a whole series of "Call of duty style" epic sounding songs.

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In short, awesome.

My favourite part might have been the bit near the very start, at around 0:12 where the strings just kind of...ghost in. They never really get to a full volume, and so they're just lightly supporting in the background and the effect it has throughout the piece is pretty wonderful. As the piece develops I wish the strings had come out a little more, because especially nearer the end I couldn't tell whether there were strings there, whether I was mistaking the piano's sustain for strings or whether I was imagining them in my head. The levels of them are perfect at the start, but as the piece develops and the piano gets a little more emotional and prominent I'd say you could easily turn the strings up a little more.

In general it's a wonderfully calm song, and yet still is very much full of emotion and passion in a way that makes it very captivating to listen to, but can still function as a background music if needs be. I especially like your use of harmonies in this, especially the little change like the one at 1:26...in general the piano is just spot-on, pretty damn beautiful. Which is just what you want.

If anything, I would have wished this was longer, but I guess you can't have too much of a good thing. Your friend's pretty damn lucky to have someone like you writing for their animation. :P

-Review Request Club

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Jabicho responds:

Hi there my friend! Thanks so much, yeah I think the strings could use a bit more volume after the beggining :P since they help a lot on the feeling of the song.

Thanks so much for the great things you say about the piece, it means so much =)

-Review Request Club

I would strongly encourage you to cut out the start (The section with the choir pad) completely. Just get rid of that bit and start with the synths at 00:10 at the beginning. Simply because the choir pad...doesn't really fit. Doesn't fit at the start, and doesn't realllly seem to hold any comfortable relation with the other synths when it comes back in again later on in the track. I think the track would be better without it, especially at the introduction.
The more robotic voice (Now build up slowly/you have just witnessed the power...) was also a little unnecessary and kind of detracted from the piece.

The synth at 00:39 and the melody that goes with it is cool, and kind of helps hold the piece together, and it has the little echoes near the end which are a nice touch. The drums also have a nice beat and even changes up at 1:32 to try and help it not get too repetitive.

I think one thing this is definitely lacking, though, is a more prominent bass. You've got the drum down and it's doing well, but the bass feels a little nonexistent. If you just had an extra bass synth in there I think it'd help out a lot, and also offer a chance of changing this up a little more, as it kind of stays pretty much in the same place through the whole two minutes. It's a pretty good idea and has potential. Stick a more obvious bass in there and you'll be pretty much set.

-Review Request Club

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jpgregorio responds:

thanks, i'll try to do that

-Review Request Club

The percussion in this was definitely the best part of the piece; it really helped set the atmosphere perfectly from the get-go. That being said, I almost wish there was a little more variation in them as it sounds like you've used the same sound throughout and just changed the velocity a little bit, which get to be a bit repetitive in the parts where there's not much else to focus on. But in general they're a great choice and the sound in them were excellent.

The instruments apart from that were also pretty cool; the flute gave this air of desolation while the trombone (I'm guessing?) gave that hint of an aggression that may be coming or may have passed. Wasn't a big fan of the choir pad as a sound, but the notes they were playing sounded pretty awesome. The cut-out of the drums at 1:15-1:20 felt like it needed something more than the choir there just to give it a little more texture, or failing that it needed to last a little longer, just to let the absence of the drums be felt a little more.

You build up the emotion well, but by the end I'm left wanting there to have been more of a swell in the middle or by the end, because it kind of stays at the same melancholic level. Which works, definitely, but definitely leaves a little more room for development if you ever thought about making this a little longer.

It's pretty beautiful, but I think there's definite potential for it to have been even more so.

-Review Request Club

Cimba responds:

Thank you for reveiwing, maybe i'll get around to adding on to this.

-Review Request Club

The choices of synths in general are really nicely done, especially the opening synths with the pitch slides and scratches, it's pretty characteristic and that makes the start of the track pretty unique. The drums themselves are nicely done, though perhaps a little sharp when compared to the synth. The beat in itself is nicely crafted.
The additions of the new synths is smooth, and again the synths have a nice characteristic to them, especially the second synth and how it morphs and evolves through the track.
Whatever got added at 00:30 felt a little odd, as if it was too far in the background for it to be appreciated properly.

The melodies/harmonies in general are nicely done, but as has been said this does get quite repetitive at the end. If the demo of this synth won't physically let you go any longer than you have, then I'd suggest varying this a lot more than you have done; change the beat up, change the synths, or just change something. Cut this down to half the size and go somewhere different for 30 seconds. If you aren't being afforded the room by your synths to allow you to evolve this at a slower pace, then you kinda need to fit variety in the smaller space, because this does get very repetitive past the first minute. There's definite potential, but this does need some work just to make it interesting to listen to throughout.

-Review Request Club

-Review Request Club

The opening synth was a little unorthodox, but in the mysterious kind of way that gives a kind of dark feel to the piece.
I think in relation to the synth, the drums are too sharp. I couldn't really tell whether I liked the sounds or not; in parts they seemed to fit well with what was going on, and in other parts they seemed to cut through everything. Though that being said, the kind of cymbal sound you had at 0:20 sounded pretty cool throughout (if perhaps a little too loud in places).

The introduction itself felt a little random in part, but is probably the strongest part of the track. Up to 0:40 is pretty alright, though there were a few parts I didn't quite 'get', so to speak. The kind of 'boom' sound at 00:45 sounded cool, but felt a little out of context; like there hadn't been enough of a bass sound before that to make it feel like a more natural addition.

While the beat's good to start with, but 0:55 it definitely starts feeling way too repetitive, and the synth that comes in at 1:04 adds some variety, but in itself felt out of place, like the one at :45. It feels like there's potential for this track to make more sense, but that it needs more added to it, and definitely needs more of a buildup and more variation to it, especially seeming as it's only 90 seconds long. Again, the ending was cool, but felt out of place. I think you probably need a few more synths in there, work on smoothing out the transitions and additions of sounds a little more, and in general just vary it a little more; make it feel like the tracks moving somewhere, as opposed to just kinda standing in the same space. Don't be afraid to move into some new territory once the beat's been established, because this does have the potential to be good.

-Review Request Club

Decibel responds:

I appreciate your feedback and will get to work as soon as possible!

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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