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Looped perfectly.

Given the shortness of this I'm finding myself without much to say, and with even less to criticise. Which is somewhat annoying for me trying to give a review, but is a good thing overall. xD

The main synth has a nice warm sound to it, and has a pretty cool evolution. The echo-y background sounds that come in help add that extra bit of colour and variety so the synth itself doesn't get repetitive. The synth that comes in at around 0:28 is also nice; it feels slightly out of tune, but for some reason that adds to the effect. The drums, once they come in, are introduced nicely and have a good beat to them.

Levels are spot on, good EQ's, the transitions work really well and all the synths are nicely picked. As has been said, the drums could have done with coming in just a little earlier, and/or the loop could have been a little longer to give the melodies a little more time to develop, but all in all this piece does everything the title suggests it to; work well as a potential title screen. Nice loop.

-Review Request Club

Cool synths

Intro's a little on the long side, but in general it sets the scene really well. I like the imitation radar sounds and the general; couldn't tell what the voice was saying, but it didn't feel like I was meant to, and they're a nice touch in general, just adding to that submarine environment. The change in pitch of the radar 'blip' was a little unexpected, and by the time it changes into the kind of melody line at 0:25 I think it needs to be brought out into the front a little more, especially as the other synth is pretty much completely in the foreground. The introduction of the drums is really nice, the drum sound in general was spot-on.

The melody at 0:58 is nice, I also like the bass line; how it's subtle, but still pronounced enough to give the melody some support. It adds to that vaguely potentially-ominous feeling pretty well. The synth you bring in at 1:19ish evolves really nicely and is a good sound in general, but I think the highlight of the track is the synth at 1:37; it's got a really nice timbre to it and all the slides/modulation that's in it works well. The way it slides all the way down when everything cuts out works well to smooth the transition.
The bass after the cut-out at 2:02 is a bit too quiet and I think the drums maybe come in a little too loudly, but that besides the track ends well. Good ambience, nice sounds, overall a nicely crafted track.

-Review Request Club

ChampionAnwar responds:

Hey thanks, the voices were distorted so you could only hear their presence. . I never really considered the intro really long, but maybe it's because I've heard it quite a lot :P Also, I'll look into the blip thingy, I kinda like that idea.

Glad you liked the drums, I think I like them now hehehehe.

Maybe I should look at the ending bit. though I do see where you are comming from about the bass :D. . Thanks for the review. . has been taknen into account ^^.

Cool intro.

Was expecting the drums to come in a little stronger than they did because of it, but on it's own it's a pretty unique way to open the piece. The drums themselves sounded a little muffled to start with- while this isn't so much of a problem when the synths start coming in at the start they could have used a bit more brightness to them.

The first synth is cool, it's got a nice evolution to it, but when it starts fading out I would have said it needed something more to it at 0:44, but then the next synth comes in at 0:48 and that's forgotten. But for those 4 seconds in between it feels like it's almost lacking something as the synth starts getting pretty quiet. In the same way with the second synth, it's cool but when it starts fading out again it could use something new, but that something new comes in a second or two later.

The synth at 1:26 is pretty cool, I like how it's more incidental than some of the others and so gives a nice bit of colour. It could just be my headphones, but at 1:37 I kept thinking there could have been a lot more bass. In general the bass could probably have been brought up a lot more (But as I say, that could just be my headphones cutting off the low freqs)

The main synth gets a little repetitive after a while, even with all the little changes to the other sounds and the incidental synths added in. That being said, the entry of the vox at 2:02 is cool. I can't quite tell what it's saying, even when everything else cuts out, though I'm not sure if I'm meant to be able to or not. The cut out down to just to vox is cool in itself, though.

2:28 could have used being a little more melodic as you've just kind of got this half-pitched phased sound for melody, though the synth kind of makes up for that. 2:43-2:45 sounds a little bare, but I like the synth that comes in after that. However, I didn't get the synth at 2:57 at all. It sounded like it clicked and clipped half the time, and in general just sounded really off? You may want to take a second look at that one.

All in all, the transitions were cool, the levels were nicely done and with the exception of the final synth there's nothing major I could say to fault this. Nicely done.

-Review Request Club

KaoticAlchemist responds:

Just... Wow...
This review is a MASSIVE help! I'm glad to have all of the small flaws pointed out so that I may not make the same mistakes again! ^_^
This was my first song I've ever made and I did notice some awkwardness in it, but could never tell why... Lol
I'll definitly keep this in mind when I mix in the future! Thanks a lot for this!

Pretty relaxing.

Love the intro, great piano, wish it had more of a role in the piece. Started off a touch too quietly, but in general what it's playing is nice and dystopic.

The drum comes in way too strong, and throughout the piece is a touch too loud. It needs a little reverb or something on it just to give it a little more dimension and make the end of the drumroll a little more natural, but in general it definitely needs to be turned down or the rest of the parts need to be turned up, because it's a little too dominant for something that plays almost the same thing throughout. In much the same way, the Glock is too strong in relation to the other instruments, and its loudness/brightness kind of detracts from the otherwise despondent atmosphere you've got going on.

That being said, I thought the trumpets were really cool, they had a nice melody and harmony to them. If they and the piano/guitar did a bit more I think the piece would improve a lot in general. The subtle introduction of the strings and the brass was nicely done, and again they're got some really nice harmonies to them. The highest trumpet notes around 2:02 could be brought out a little more because what they're playing sounds cool.

The string harmonies nearer the end are probably the highlight of the piece, especially in the 2:59-3:07 area, but I think the glock does overpower them a little. So again, either that needs to be turned down or the strings turned up. Piano ending the piece is nicely done, though the last arpeggio felt a little muddy. In general, you've got the feel of this nailed down nicely, but I think some of your levels could definitely use a second look.

-Review Request Club

Almost can't believe this wasn't live.

First and foremost; serious kudos for the remastering. I would have definitely thought you'd played this live, given the dimension of feeling that you seldom get from things on here that use a computerised piano sound. This doesn't sound computerised, which is a serious plus. However, I think the piano feels a little too distant. In a way it kind of adds to the ambience, but I think the main sound does need to be in the foreground a little more as sometimes the reverb overpowers the actual notes. Which is a shame, because this is a beautiful piece. Seriously beautiful piece.

The harmony and choice of chords works really well, I love the little pauses throughout like the one at 0:13, and the transitions between the different sections in general. The change at 0:41 to the higher notes was cool, although the right hand probably could have done something other than straight quavers just to give the melody line more of a lyrical feel. But the way it transitions between the higher and lower parts around 0:41 onwards is really well done, the subtle harmony change at 0:59 is pretty cool. At 1:09 the higher notes are a little hard to hear, but what they're playing is nice. 1:16-1:21 sounds especially nice, the little change to the higher notes works really well.

It starts sounding a little muddy in the little area around 1:49, I think lessening the sustain there could have helped. The transition into the new section is cool, but I think the left hand in the new section could have been a lot more invested than it was just doing open 5ths, because the right hand sounded really awesome but it wasn't really accompanied with the same coolness.

The definite highlight of this piece for me was the section that started at 2:36. The change in pace, the new harmonies, the movement in the left hand all just gave it an entire new feel, and the melody felt like it had settled in a lot more. The kind of melodic left hand at 2:36 to 2:49 is cool, but the reverb is too much to be able to hear what's going on from 2:58-2:04 or so, which is a SHAME, because it sounded like it might have sounded pretty awesome.

The return to the kind of structure it had at the beginning at 3:09 was a little unexpected, but the new right hand melody sounded really nice. In general, the ending is just as good as all that precedes it, though the left hand from 3:30 onwards needed to be a little quieter, and I think it was definitely a little too strong at the end.

In general, this piece has a seriously beautiful melancholy to it. I think the reverb needs checking at some points, but in all this was awesome to listen to. Very nicely done.

-Review Request Club

Cimba responds:

I wasn't really able to do anything special with the left hand because i wrote this on an actual piano, and being a 14 year old that has never taken a piano lesson I can't really do much with my left hand.

Unique intro

The static introduction was a little unorthodox, but it's pretty cool and unique, and goes into the main beat pretty smoothly. I think the voice could use being turned down a little or the synths/beat could use being turned up, because the levels in general just seem a little off. Though once you get to around 00:39, the levels are (almost) fine, so it's just really the intro that maybe needs a second look.

Nice beat in general, the violin is an especially nice touch. However, it's a little distant, and for sure, the synth beneath it though is too quiet throughout, especially when the vocals are there as well, you can't really hear the instruments as much as you'd want to. The drums are playing pretty cool things, but the snare's a little overpowering and could do with not being so bright.

The vocals while in general are pretty spot on, could probably do with a little more variety in tone just so the piece doesn't run the risk of dragging any. Also, the kind of...second voice? The one which does the little interjections like "they are" at 2:14 is used a little too much, and sometimes isn't clear enough to understand what it's actually saying.

All in all, it's a nice listenable piece, but I think there's a few things you could to to just polish it up a little more. Nice work, overall.

-Review Request Club

Nice EQ work.

Starts off well, the synths work together and the levels are good. I especially like the little change at 0:16 and the suspension around 0:20; the melody/harmony in general being nice and precise. The subtle way the drum kit came in was a really nice touch as well; great work on the levels, there. Though at around 0:38 it felt a little muddy as the reverb on the drums started getting as loud as the synth, etc., but apart from that the start in general was good.

Taking a bit if a guess, I'm thinking you split the cymbals so the crash/ride were on the left hand side and the hi-hat was on the right. Which would have worked a little better if the cymbal had more of a role to play during that section, I'm pretty sure. But as it stands it does sound a little odd to have it all on one side.

I'm not entirely sure about the choice of synth at 1:22, it sounds a little odd. ut that besides, the melody it's playing is pretty cool. At 1:42 I think there's a few too many notes and it sounds a little muddy and rushed, but only for a second. But the section it leads into is very nicely done. I like the change of rhythm in the hi-hat straight off, the synth that comes in at 2:13 and the way it keeps evolving in sounds. The entire buildup of this minute just sounds very well put-together, and works well.

The way the drums cut out at 2:42 just leaving the synth is good, but the harmony changes at 2:49 feel a little forced. The chromaticism is cool, but it feels like you just put the notes in without much thought as to how jerky it could sound. Though that being said, again you have a very cool bit come in straight after, so the chromatic bit is all but forgotten. Again, you've got a really nice buildup, and then the drums come back in well at 3:42ish and there's a good 30 seconds of awesomeness. The cymbal was perhaps a little excessive near the end, though that might be just because of the part where the same cymbal sound is being used three times quickly in a row. The fadeout's a little long, but it works well. In general, apart from a few issues, this sounds really cool.

-Review Request Club

Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review!

Ya, there are definitely issues with the drums, but I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part.

"30 seconds of awesomeness", huh? I like the sound of that.

Pretty cool

As a whole, I like this piece. There's a great sense of melancholy that's upheld through most of the piece, but yet with a few touches of major keys and slightly brighter areas. I like the title/the way you describe the piece in the comments as well, it really helps set the scene in a pretty accurate way.

Though that being said, some of your progressions are a little too much for me. Some of them sound totally brilliant, but some sound a little like the same chord was being held for too long under the constantly-morphing melody line. Like, 0:16-0:22 feels like there's a note or two out of place for whichever chord you were leaning towards, but 0:40 to 0:54 sounds totally superb. And it kind of follows that pattern; there's nice long bits of awesomeness sandwiching a few seconds of what seem like slightly awkward harmonies. 0:54-:58 sounds awkward, 1:40-2:10 sounds cool; 2:10-2:16 sounds awkward, 2:40 to the end is really beautiful. I'm almost tempted to say "Disregard this, it's probably just me", because even though there were a few parts I didn't really get musically, the majority of the piece flowed really well and progressed in unexpected, ye awesome ways.

And I think in general the recording could have been turned up a little and some of the notes could have been more sustained than they were. But all in all, the melody was really clear and unique, the progressions-while some were lost on me-were also unique and often pretty awesome, and this piece was well worth listening to a few times over. 10'd, 5'd.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

I started the chord in 16-22 early, i do that often in my music :)
54-58 is a good example of the simple melody going into complex melody on 1:10
2:10 to 2:16 is just a kind of alternate transition i like to make when i reach a point asking for one, i hate going for the conventional options. I think its what makes (atleast for my own ears) the music stay fresh, suprising.

I thank you for your elaborate review, ive also listened to your work a bit and you being in the classical scene yourself makes your review the kinder.
So thanks again and check back sometime, i have plenty of piano works similar to this one's style and some orchestral works aswell.

Greets. -Cal


I don't know any French, so I'll just assume the lyrics make sense. The rhythm of the vocals in general are pretty on-point and you manage to keep a really smooth tone and level throughout, which is a big plus.

The beat is nice and smooth, though if I was to critique something I'd say the levels of some parts of the accompaniment were perhaps a little too low; the percussion and the piano (I think?) could do with turning up just a little. But in general, the song develops well. Even though I have no idea what the words are the song is enough for it not to become boring as the accompaniment and the vocals develop enough so as to maintain enough variety.

At 3:00, while the brass slides are AWESOME, I think they overpower the voice a tiny bit. But in general, the brass is a highlight of the entire track; it adds a perfect amount of colour and again, you give it enough variety so that it keeps bringing a few unique sounds to the accompaniment.

The section from 4:15ish to 4:55 feels a little repetitive, but I'm sure that'd be slightly less so if I knew what the lyrics were and could focus on them. 4:55-5:00, the layers of vocals seem SLIGHTLY out of sync with one another, but that's the only point at which I could find a place where the beat isn't seemingly maintained perfectly.

So in general, it's a pretty awesome track. The instrument choices work well, the beat's nice and clear and the accompaniment is well-written, the vocals stay rhythmic and in time, and while I wish the ending perhaps wasn't so abrupt I think in general there's not much at all to fault about this. Nicely done.

-Review Request Club

Loki responds:

Wow thanks for the review :]

Yeah, around the end the singing goes down a bit, apologizes for that >_<

Pretty good

To be a pedant for a second, throughout the recording there's this kind of medium-pitched buzzing sound which gets a little distracting, I don't know whether it's just because of the recording itself or whether it was deliberate, but whatever it was, it got a little grating.

The story was fairly imaginative, but perhaps a little too much so. The stories in The Dark Knight, while far-fetched, both simply involved someone taking a knife and cutting the smile in themselves. To think an ill-placed knife in the middle of a carnival show would create the same effect takes one leap of the imagination too many, in my mind. But who knows, maybe they were sharp knives. Or maybe the Joker's just making things up as he goes along, as per the usual.

As far as the actual voice goes, you do a pretty good imitation. The intonation of the voice you got down pretty well, and you definitely had the psychotic demeanour down, but perhaps not the pitchy variation that Ledger's Joker does; going from the kind of maniacal highs to the more ominous low rumbles. And I was half-expecting at least one maniacal laugh in this track, but perhaps that would have been too obvious a thing to put in. I can't quite tell how well the "Why so serious?" line was delivered because the victim's interjections kind of overpowered them a little, but as far as I could tell it was done pretty well, if a little more aggressively than Ledger's; I think you both did the same thing, but that he did it at a much lower level so instead of a more aggressive shout, it was more of an incredibly threatening growl. But in general, I think the impression's pretty good, and with a few more tweaks it'll be pretty damn convincing.

As has been mentioned, the ending is a little abrupt, you could probably think about how to dress the death of the victim up a little more if you do any more tapes. And in the same way, the victim's breathing were the only real indication that things were getting progressively worse for him, ie the Joker getting his knife out/advancing on him, so a few more sound effects wouldn't go amiss there. In general though, it's a nice impression; good work.

-Review Request Club

Not much to say...I like writing music, hoping to improve a lot on that front. I like reviewing things, as I'm far too opinionated not to. I'm amazingly awkward as a person. But all in all, I mean well. (:

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